Your log home doors make a statement about your décor and personality. That is why there are so many to choose from today. Pine and cedar interior doors and sturdy exterior doors add charm and country living to your log home. Custom-made doors add a special touch to log home living and can add more curb appeal. Let’s take a look at some helpful door ideas.  

Rustic Interior Log Home Doors

Interior doors serve the purpose of opening up and closing off rooms and closets inside the log home. They are usually made of only one material like wood or fiberboard with wood being the favorite by far. Solid knotty pine and cedar doors are perfect choices for any home with wood or drywall. 

The best mills and suppliers offer sizes to fit almost any size interior door opening. They craft them 1 3/8” thick with knock down pre-hung jambs. You can also order custom-made doors to your specified sizes. They come pre-bored and pre-cut hinge slots to make the installation job easier for you or your carpenter. Knotty pine and cedar doors have both gorgeous and rustic qualities you will admire for many years to come.

Specialty Log Home Interior Doors

When you want to add something spectacular to your rooms and closets, try custom-carved and hand-painted panel wood doors. They bring walking into any room to life and are great conversation pieces. You can choose from these variations that are hand-relief carved and stained with detail:

  • Bear
  • Bobcat
  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Wolf

Additional animal scenes of your choosing can be custom-made. Just give us a call to see if your choice is available. These doors come in standard and custom-made sizes. Dress up your pre-finished wood doors with premium 3 ½” and 5/8” radius hinges in popular color finishes.

“Pine and cedar interior doors and sturdy exterior doors add charm and country living to your log home.”

Log Cabin Exterior Doors

Both exterior wood and synthetic material doors are popular with log homeowners. There are some differences between exterior and interior doors to keep in mind before purchasing:

  • Interior doors are not exposed to mother nature’s elements
  • Exterior doors must be sturdier and waterproof
  • They are constructed with thicker and heavier wood
  • Exterior doors are usually made with a reinforced metal frame    
  • They provide insulation and a temperature barrier
  • They have more security features than interior doors

Exterior doors can be made from a combination of wood, steel, other metals, and glass. They need more insulation to conform to the home’s internal temperature. TIP: Don’t use an interior door for an exterior entryway and vice versa. Each type is designed for a different purpose.

Favorite Colors for Exterior Log Home Doors

The best door color ideas can refresh the exterior of a home and add a personal touch. If you have not selected the colors of your log home’s exterior doors, look over these current favorite ones either stained or painted:

  • Natural
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red

As a bonus, sharp-looking front doors can add curb appeal to your house. These doors are typically one color but they can be brightened up with two or more colors. Some homeowners stain or paint the inside of the front doors a different color to match the entryway décor.

Great Buys on High-Quality Interior Doors

The WoodWorkers Shoppe creates some of the most desirable interior doors for log homes on today’s market. Each is crafted to perfection with pine or cedar wood, strong joints, and excellent finishes. These custom-made doors are available in sizes to fit your room and closet needs. We mill a wide variety of styles that are favorites because they add a gorgeous and rustic element to traditional or more modern log homes.

Our high-quality interior doors are fairly priced to please you. Here is what one of our customers from Illinois has to say. “Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy I am with the Doors I ordered from you. They are beautiful. I finished them and installed them Saturday and they look fantastic. Thanks for all your help with this order.”

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