One of the trends in log home living is the biophilic movement. We add biophilic design by bringing more of nature inside and enjoying its beauty and benefits. It is an architectural approach to connect homeowners with things such as plants and more natural lighting and ventilation. Adding more of these features leads to a healthier and happier home atmosphere.

Many log home owners have been practicing this concept on a small scale for decades. It’s more than plants, water features, natural lighting, and natural ventilation. You may be interested in exploring this approach to enhance the pleasure of living in a log siding home. Biophilic design is simple and affordable to create, and you don’t need any specialized skills.

Plants Bring Nature Inside Log Homes

The addition of plants to indoor environments is probably the most important element of biophilics. Many different varieties are used to enhance any room in a log home, including:

  • Succulents that require very little water or care
  • Pothos vines, spider plants, and snake plants are easy to propagate
  • Small green plants with mild scents and peace lilies work well
  • All these plants help purify the air for better health
  • Any plants that are easy to care for work

Vertical garden walls and hanging plants in planter boxes create a splendid green canopy overhead. Moss panels and a few potted plants located near a source of natural light add to the health benefits of your log home. Spend the time to take care of your plants properly and you will be well rewarded.

Water Features Make Welcome Additions

The presence of flowing water and its sounds are soothing and also bring nature into our log homes. The first things most people think about are waterfalls, waterwalls, and fountains in the right places. These are some attractive examples:

  • Tiered tabletop water fountains
  • Small fountains that look like stumps
  • Taller floor-standing fountains
  • Wall-mounted waterfalls
  • Wall-mounted waterwalls

These water features typically recycle their water instead of letting it go down the drain. If you are a creative person, you may want to create something of your own design with a unique style.

Rippling water emits a melodic, magical, and healthful sound that fascinates us. Lovely plants can be added to water accents to bring more natural life to them.

“We add biophilic design by bringing more of nature inside and enjoying its beauty and benefits.”

Natural Lighting Brightens Up More Than Rooms

We tend to feel better and happier on sunny days than overcast days. That’s why letting in a lot of natural light enhances a home’s atmosphere, plant life, and water accents. There are several ways to fill rooms with more natural lighting, including:

  • Skylights
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Larger windows
  • More windows
  • Window walls

It’s best to install the most efficient windows you can afford that also protect from UV rays. They help warm the house during colder months and can be covered with blinds or shades if needed during the hotter months.

Natural Ventilation Lets Us Feel Some of Nature

Open a log cabin whenever possible to create natural ventilation flow and let you feel some of nature. You also bring in the sounds of nature and some of its aromas. Run fans until it gets hot enough to turn on the air conditioner.

One old-style approach that still works well is to mount a large exhaust fan in the attic and pull air in through the open windows.

Stone Enhancements Add Nature Inside Log Homes

Natural stones are not just for fireplaces or placing behind wood-burning stoves. Various shapes, sizes, and colors of stone are used in many forms, including:

  • Walls of stone
  • Accent areas on walls
  • Backsplashes in kitchens
  • Around entryways
  • Stone floors

Colorful stones give a feeling of strength and awe in log home. They fit in as naturally as anything else you can add.

Artwork and Paintings of Nature Are Appealing

Nature’s artwork can be as appealing as any created by artists and designers. Paintings or prints of flowers, trees, mountains, animals, or landscapes keep nature before us whenever we enter the rooms. Try a few 3D paintings that add a different touch.

Appeal to Multiple Senses

Biophilic design really works well when it appeals to multiple senses by including all or most of the ideas we have presented. When we can see, feel, hear, and smell Mother Nature in our log home, we are experiencing one of the greatest gifts available.

We can also give our feet varying floor textures, add some log furniture, and scented candles. Don’t forget some herbs and natural oils to top off our list.

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