With a little more effort and a few more dollars, you can make your log cabin more rustic and charming. Just the right touches in the right places make a world of difference inside and outside a log cabin. You can find these additions from the same mills as log siding, log trim, corner systems, pine paneling, and pine flooring.

Four of the all-natural wood products that sharpen up a log cabin are made from Northern Pine. In short, they include gorgeous-looking:

  • Log Trusses
  • Log Beams
  • Peeled Posts
  • Lastly, Half-Log Mantels

Your building contractor will know how to add them to any style log cabin. With this in mind, Cabin owners report how much they enjoy showing off these additions to friends and family.

Log Cabin Trusses Stand Out

Log Trusses & Beams Log trusses are one of the first things you notice when you step into a log home great room or den. They serve decorative and support purposes and also provide places to hang lighting and other objects. They also work great for entryways as illustrated here.

Pine log trusses are the most economical and can be ordered to your specifications in widths and heights. Besides placement in great rooms, they also look great in:

  • Any room with cathedral ceilings
  • Any room with vaulted ceilings
  • Front porches
  • Pergolas

These trusses can generally be custom-made to support roofing for wide rooms up to 30 feet. Other wood varieties are available depending on the supplier.

Log Beam Wraps and Post Covers Look Sturdy

For anyone who has beams and posts that are not attractive and do not look natural in a log cabin, there is a solution. These beams and posts may be made of steel, laminated wood, or some other material. However, the solution is covering them with pine log beam wraps and post covers. You can even cover sheet metal ductwork with them.

Beam wraps and post covers can be built to your exact specifications and provide a full-log look. They are essentially two-piece hollow logs available with smooth surfaces and hand-hewn surfaces. Their price varies according to the size of the beam or post they will cover.

“With a little more effort and a few more dollars, you can make your log cabin more rustic and charming. While just the right touches in the right places make a world of difference inside and outside a log cabin.”

Peeled Log Posts Are Attractive and Supportive

Peeled log posts are sturdy additions to the interior and exterior of a log cabin that provide plenty of support. At the same time, most popular inside and outside placements include:

  • Firstly, Support Beams under exterior porches
  • Under interior stairways
  • As well as, Under interior decking areas
  • Used as floor joists
  • Supporting pergolas
  • Under entranceways

Most mills create posts from pine but also use other wood types when available. The selection of diameters typically includes 4”-7”, 8”-10”, and 11”-14” measured on the small end of the log. Lengths range from 8’ to 30’ and can be cut to virtually any length. Peeled pine log posts are affordable for the smallest cabin to the largest log home mansion.

A Half-Log Mantel Is Another Welcome Addition

What looks more natural over a fireplace than a rustic and sturdy mantel? Mantels seem to add a crowning touch to a fireplace with or without an insert. They also look super behind a wood-burning or pellet-burning stove and are safe when spaced far enough apart.

Half-log mantels are made by sawing a log in half lengthwise. They have flat tops and rounded bottoms that can be supported by rounded corbel cradles. Another option is a mantel that is flat on the top and bottom with bark on or off the edges. The popular sizes for both include:

10” Diameter Pine

  • 4’-6’ lengths
  • 7’-10’ lengths

10” Diameter Pine

  • 4’-6’ lengths
  • 7’-10’ lengths

Without a doubt, these mantels make amazing places to display art, personal items, antiques, candles, or virtually anything you want to show off. Learn more about fireplace mantels from Fireplace Universe.

Where to Find Log Trusses, Beams, Posts, and Mantels 

You can find rustic trusses, beam covers, posts, post covers, rafters, and mantels at The WoodWorkers Shoppe. All our wood products have these benefits you will appreciate:

  • Especially, The pine products are made from sustainable trees grown on tree farms
  • Most pieces are kiln-dried to the correct moisture content for stability and staining
  • Furthermore, Each piece is hand-inspected for quality
  • We specialize in log siding and pine paneling
  • Nevertheless, All materials are fairly priced and some are on sale
  • Therefore, Pine flooring, decking, doors, and stairways are available

Make your plans for that log cabin and let us know when you are ready to order any of the above materials. We take pride in providing the finest quality products available.

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