A rustic log home bedroom is easy to design with a little research and planning. It’s much easier to build the bedroom and entire home with log siding instead of full logs because you get the full log look without the full log price. If you don’t want to go the modern-look route, try some traditional log home ideas with the:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Doors
  • Furnishings

Each of these five parts of a bedroom will bring out the traditional rustic look that homeowners have appreciated for centuries.

Log Home Bedroom Walls

Log siding homes have exterior walls made of quarter, half, or premier log siding. They will be complemented with log corners and log trims. The interior walls can be either of these siding profiles or knotty pine paneling. One of these profiles/sizes/shapes will be bedroom-perfect:

  • Quarter Log – 2×6 and 3×6 with 2×6 or 3×4 D-trim
  • Half Log – 3×6 and 3×8 with 3×6 or 4×4 D-Trim
  • Premier Log – 3×8 and 3×10 with 4×4 or 4×6 D-trim

A second option is knotty pine paneling on your bedroom walls in widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, or 8” unfinished or pre-finished. If you purchase unfinished paneling you can stain them and apply a clear coat top finish or use a clear coat finish only. Log siding is also available in a pre-finished condition from your supplier.

Knotty Pine Ceilings Are Gorgeous

Your bedrooms will look more rustic with knotty pine ceilings instead of painted drywall. They will look gorgeous stained the same color as the walls or in a contrasting color. If you prefer lighter walls, then apply a whitewash finish to brighten up the room.

The same tongue and groove/end-matching paneling is used on the ceilings as the floors. Both are secured with a nail gun and the corresponding size nails. Pine paneling is much easier to handle and install on ceilings than drywall. Using pre-finished wood makes the job go so much faster and easier than unfinished paneling or drywall.

“A rustic log home bedroom is easy to design with a little research and planning. It’s much easier to build the bedroom and entire home with log siding instead of full logs because you get the full log look without the full log price.”

Pine Log Home Floors Are Traditional

Traditional log home flooring is made of knotty pine with some area or throw rugs that complement the room’s color scheme. Tongue and groove with the end-matching design is the strongest and produces the best overall results.

Knotty pine flooring is available in pre-finished and unfinished conditions. Pre-finished is a real time-saver because you don’t need to sand and apply any finish because we do it for you. Just nail it up and you are done! This product has a unique micro-chamfer running around all the edges for easy installation and a pleasant look. It is available in a 6” width and provides a warm country look to your bedroom.

Standard unfinished knotty pine flooring is available in 4”, 5”, and 6” widths and in assorted lengths. It is more economical than pre-finished flooring and requires sanding and a floor finish applied after installation. Tongue and groove flooring is typically milled in a sturdy and durable ¾” thickness.

Knotty Pine Interior Doors Look Natural

Have you considered using real pine wood bedroom and closet doors instead of ‘cookie-cutter’ doors from a DIY store? They are so natural-looking and accent the log or paneled walls so beautifully. Many models are available that will go with any home décor. Affordable custom doors are made by skilled craftsmen with these specifications:

  • Interior doors are 1 3/8” thick
  • Come with knock-down pre-hung jambs
  • Available in standard door sizes
  • Also available for custom-size openings
  • Custom-carved doors with animal designs
  • Both left-hand and right-hand swings are available

All pinewood interior doors are pre-finished and need hinges in the color of your choice. They are standard-size 3 ½” hinges with a 5/8” radius. Enjoy these in satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed silver, antique brass, glossy brass, black, or chrome.

Rustic Log Home Furnishings

What makes a log home bedroom look more rustic? Homeowners report they incorporate several simple ideas that provide a homey and cozy bedroom atmosphere that include:

  • Sleep on a large vintage or log-framed bed
  • Use a colorful bedspread or homemade quilt
  • Hang rustic color-coordinated curtains
  • Place a large colorful rug near the bed
  • Add decorations and personal items
  • Place antiques or artwork around the room

Some other ideas you can consider using are a palette of rich woodland colors, rugged fabrics, bringing out natural materials and elements, and accenting some spaces with warm lighting. Use your imagination and memories to highlight the perfect log home bedroom.

We hope these simple ideas will add a rustic, beautiful, and cozy atmosphere to your log home bedrooms.

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