Log Accents & Accessories

Complete your Log Home with our Custom Shoppe's log accessories: Log posts, Log Rafters and Log Trusses (decorative or structural), Half Log Mantles, 2x6 Roof & Loft Decking, Knotty Pine Timbers, Log-look Post and Beam Covers, 5/4 Cedar Decking and more.....


Peeled Logs


Log Posts, Log Rafters, Log Perlins


Log Joists,  Log Rafters, Log Posts, and Cedar Decking


Log Trusses


Log Truss      Truss Log

Custom made log trusses for decorative or structural purposes.


Knotty Pine Timbers


Loft Decking with Rustic Timbers     Roof Decking with Rafter Poles



Post Covers

Man Caves  Post Covers & Beam Wrap

Perfect for Basement Posts!
Standard Post Covers shown above are $195- 8', $245-10'
Seen on the "Man Caves" Show DIY Network


Beam Wraps



Need a log-look cover for a laminated or steel beam?
We'll manufacture one to your specifications!


Log Mantles


Half Log Mantles with log supports.....purchase online "Click Here"
Installation of Log Mantles


Log Arch Entrances



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