Gorgeous Family Log Room

Upgrading your log home will add coziness, charm, and value that won’t diminish with time. Adding rustic log railings, stair systems, and mantels will enhance the log look without spending a fortune doing it. All these quality wood products and more are available through America’s leading log home supplier – the WoodWorkers Shoppe.

A lot of thought and effort goes into creating your ideal home, and high-quality enhancements at competitive prices will fulfill your dreams and plans. You can choose from Pine and Cedar log railings, stair systems, and mantels in sizes and styles that fit your personal choices and décor.

Log Railings for the Interior That Say “Cool”

log railings stair systems log railings stair systems
Rustic Log Stairway A Close-up View

Image walking up and down these cool stairways with sturdy, log railings to hold to. We make them from quality kiln-dried wood that is hand-inspected for defects. We ship only products you will be proud of and you don’t need to worry about sorting out the best ones because they all make the grade.

The rails and balusters are made from the same wood to match colors and character. They are securely fastened together when assembled to make the strongest possible log railing systems. The tenons are large and long enough to stay in place and you can depend on them for support and they will hold up for generations.

Don’t settle for smaller diameter balusters like you see in modern homes. If you have children or teens that sometimes play rough in the house, you might worry about them hold up under pressure. Our stairways and railings are homeowner tested for strength, durability and pure log home aesthetic value. Handrails also provide a safety factor, especially for the elderly.

Log Railings for the Exterior

Log railings and stairs can be used for single, stand-alone or wrap-around porches on almost any log home or cabin. Those pictured here are made from the same study logs used for the interior of homes. They should be finished with durable stains and finishes to withstand the elements year-round.

Hand Hewn Log Home Siding Log Home Siding with Butt & Pass Corners
Log Front Deck with Rails Back Porch with Log Rails

The house on the left has a front deck that is wide enough to sit, relax, drink, dine, or entertain. The back porch shown on the right is inviting enough to spend plenty of time there. The rails and balusters are secured with glue, nails, or screws to provide the sturdy support you expect.

Stair Systems Add a Rustic Touch

Hand Hewn Log Home Siding log railings stair systems
Clean Finished Log Steps Stained Log Steps

These ergonomically-designed stairways use log posts, railings, and half-log steps to complement both floor levels. Whether you use a clear finish or stain, the knots, colors, and mineral streaks in each piece of wood are enhanced with a clean look. We can make custom sizes and layouts for your home, cabin, or business. Talk to our design specialists for an amazing stairway or two and you can walk up and down them with pride.

Each step is secured the correct distance apart to make climbing and descending easier. You can let us know if you want the closer or further apart for a custom stairway. We work from your plans to create the ideal stair systems to meet your individual needs.

Use Smart-Looking Mantels for Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves

Log Mantels for Fireplaces Log Home Siding with Butt & Pass Corners
Enjoy the Fireplace and TV Display Persona Items on the Mantel

Every Fireplace needs a mantel above it and what could look better than a half log or full slab. Your mantel should be made from natural wood and complement the home’s interior.

They are hand-hewn to add that rustic charm and each has knots and plenty of character built in. Choose:

  • Kiln dried half logs with standard round log corbel/cradle for support
  • Square timbers/full slab logs, flat on the top and bottom with bark
  • Square timbers/full slab logs, flat on the tops and bottom with the bark off
  • Choice of Cedar or Pine

You can elect to leave the mantels unfinished, or finish them with a stain and/or a durable clear coat. Choose from the following four sizes to fit your hearth area:

  • 10” one half log mantel 4’-6’ long
  • 10” one half log mantel 7’-10’ long
  • 12” one half log mantel 4’-6’ long
  • 12” one half long mantel 7’-10’ long

Let us know if you want a pair of custom scribed round log cradles for mounting with your order. Check with our customer service department about sizes for square timber mantels. Learn more about the history of fireplaces and mantels.

The Best Quality Products Are Found Online

To get the best quality products at competitive prices, order from a trusted dealer. We manufacture all our log railings, stairways, and mantels from select Pine and Cedar trees to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our craftsmen are skilled at consistently producing superior wood products discussed in this blog. We also have log siding, trims and molding, corner systems, flooring, and more. Hopefully, our article gave you a few ideas on how you can upgrade your log home with rustic log railings, stair systems, and more.

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