Your cozy cabin is framed up, the roof is on, and exterior log siding is installed. What’s next? It’s time for rustic trim & crown molding. If your interior plans are not complete, you should consider rustic trim for every room in the cabin. For a cohesive look, the interior of your cabin should mirror or complement the log cabin appearance of the exterior siding. You can achieve this aesthetic with one of two options, either paneling or log interior siding.

Installing Wood Trim on Interior Walls

Your first option for interior walls is log siding that matches the outside of your cabin. The same trim can be used to accent both the inside and outside walls. Pine and cedar trim come in smooth and hand-hewn finishes to suit your tastes. They are installed first, followed by butting the siding flush into the trim.

The 2”x 6” D-trim works great for door and window casing as well as baseboards. Another interior option is using custom shaped log trim that spans a larger width between cathedral windows or doors that are spaced apart. Ask the sales people about creating this option for your needs.

Millworks produces wood trim and molding for log siding in 4 styles for interior applications:

  • 2×6 D-Trim and 3×4 D-Trim for quarter log siding
  • 3×6 D-Trim and 4×4 D-Trim for half log siding

3x4 D Trim3x6 D Trim

2x6 D Trim4x4 D Trim

     2 Styles of Quarter Log Siding Trims               2 Styles of Half Log Siding Trims

                    Window D Trim

You can see how we have used this log cabin trim around the windows in this image. Your cabin or home can look equally amazing by installing wood trim and molding.

When Paneling the Interior

Knotty Pine and Cedar paneling requires a different style of wood trim and molding than log siding walls. Both types of wood are available in ¾” thick boards ready for finishing. Typically, you will find pine in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” widths, while Cedar comes in 4”, 5”, and 6” widths. Millworks make trim and molding to match the thicknesses of both kinds of wood.

                     Molding and TrimRound Over Casing and Baseboard

Knotty Pine Round-Over Base Trim                            Knotty Pine Round-Over Casing

Trim and Molding for paneling is available in 10 different styles for specific applications:

  • Baseboards and Casings
  • Chair Rails and Crown Molding
  • Doors and Windows
  • Inside and Outside Corners
  • Quarter Round, Cove, Base Shoe

The installation process begins with putting up the tongue and groove paneling with a nail gun. Next, the trim and molding are cut to size and nailed into place. The door and window trim shown above use mitered corners for a traditional touch. A finishing option to consider if you would like your trim to stand out is to stain the trim a different color than the paneling.

Choosing the right combination of trim and molding will create a striking appearance. Stain it or apply a clear finish and you will have a dream-come-true log cabin. If you have any questions, one of our trim and molding specialists can assist you in selecting everything needed for that finished look. Learn how to install molding here.  

Trim and Molding Colors You Will Never Tire Of

Cabin owners have two options for finishing their woodwork – stained or clear. Either choice turns out beautifully when properly applied. Sikkens wood finishes are available in seven rustic colors to suit anyone’s style. This trusted name brand has proven over and over they are second to none in beauty and durability. Their Cetol two coat system comes in these colors:


Sikkens products provide benefits for both knotty pine and cedar wood trim and molding including:

  • Additional dirt and mildew resistance compared to many other stains
  • Ideal for all vertical and high-traffic horizontal surfaces
  • This water-repellent finish is highly UV resistant which prevents color fading
  • As a bonus, it is self-priming on most bare or previously coated surfaces

Another popular choice for staining and sealing is WeatherSeal products. Their eight colors shown below create a beautiful and durable finish anyone can appreciate.

Trim and Molding Stains

WeatherSeal Stain is another top choice for staining molding and log siding. This stain has:

  • A thick, creamy texture that is easy to apply.
  • A Semi-transparent finish that is beautiful
  • No pigment settling
  • Deep penetration like a thinner stain
  • Superior protection, performance, and appearance.

Sikkens and WeatherSeal products are available from recognized online dealers with colors that will amaze you and prices that are affordable. Be sure to follow all directions on the labels to achieve the best results and store all stains and finishes in a protected area to keep them in top condition.

Purchasing the Highest Quality Trim and Molding at Terrific Prices

The WoodWorkers Shoppe carries all the trim, molding, and finishing products you will ever need for your log cabin or home, and we always treat your orders like they are our own. All our wood trim and molding is kiln dried to perfection and contains no defects, and our stain and finishing products are the best on the market. Call one of our experts to discuss your trim, molding, and finishing needs at (800) 818-9971.