If you’re looking for a remodeling project that won’t take up a lot of time, that will be affordable, and that will create a massive change in your home, then installing rustic paneling is one of the best projects you can choose.

Unlike the notorious ‘wood grain’ paneling of the 70s and 80s, modern barn wood paneling and rustic paneling is made using natural timber and will look great in any home, or even in some commercial spaces. Panels can be easy to install, and you can complete a medium or even a large sized room on a modest budget.

If you’re thinking about improving your home but aren’t sure which rooms to start with, then these log cabin wood paneling ideas can help you to take the first step towards your next renovations.

Use Rustic Paneling in a Study or Office

High-quality wooden panels create a kind of elegance that is often lacking in modern homes that are finished with drywall. Wood panels add texture and natural beauty, which can make them great for working or creative spaces.

If you have a home office, a study, or even a personal library, then rustic paneling will create the perfect atmosphere where you can work, relax with a book, or get creative with a painting, writing, or whatever it is that you love to do. Wood paneling can help you to recreate the elegant feel that is reminiscent of old libraries and government buildings, which will allow your personal space at home to take on a whole new character.

Complete a Child’s Bedroom

Children love spaces that look great and that are stimulating. Simple painted drywall or bland paneling materials can look boring and uninspiring. If you want your child to feel at home in their room, allowing them to relax, rest, or unlock their inner creativity, then installing barn wood paneling is a smart choice.

Using rustic paneling from The Woodworker’s Shoppe won’t just improve the aesthetic of your child’s bedroom; it will also provide practical benefits. When kids play with toys in their rooms, things can get rough, especially when they have playmates around. Wood paneling is resilient to damage and can resist scratches and dents from impacts, and will look new for far longer when compared with inferior finishing materials.

Even if you have an older tween or teenager, barn wood paneling is still a good option. The elegant look means that it will work with a variety of furniture, and high-quality wall paneling can even inspire your child to keep their room clean and organized.

Turn a Garage into a Useable Space

Do you have a garage or even a detached outdoor storage shed that is not seeing use aside from storing a few power tools and boxes of junk? You can turn a storage space into a home bar, a man cave, a music room, or even a play room for your kids, simply by installing high quality and attractive barn wood paneling. Even if you’re still going to use a garage or a shed as a workshop, installing rustic paneling will help to make the space more presentable, and you’ll be more comfortable while you’re working in there.

You’ll have the choice of using trim and molding pieces to complete the look, and you can easily turn a shed or garage into an extended room for your home.

Explore Your Options at The Woodworker’s Shoppe

The Woodworker’s ShoppeIf you’re ready to take a look at our eco-friendly barn wood paneling as well as our other natural timber products, then it’s time to start browsing. Our panels and our quality indoor and outdoor siding use a unique tongue and groove system on ends as well as lengths, so that installation is simple, with no gaps and very little waste. Installation time is reduced with our system, so you’ll be able to complete your next project in a short amount of time, and most small to medium sized rooms can be completely paneled in a single day.

If you’re ready for a free rough estimate for your next project, simply get started with our cost estimator now.