You’ve seen Pine paneling in many places, like in cabins, homes, gift shops, state parks, restaurants, and its popularity never seems to wane. The log cabin is a symbol of America and Pine paneling goes along with it like a glove the right size fits your hand. Log cabins remind us of rugged American individualism and we still love, respect, and cherish this quality today.

Interior Knotty Pine Wood Paneling

Using Knotty Pine Paneling to Spruce up a Dining Room

The Wall Street Journal ran an article that says log cabins and log homes are becoming a type of status symbol in the U.S. and abroad. Why? Many people are tired of tract or cookie-cutter houses in subdivisions and want to express their personality for simpler lifestyles.

Another reason for log cabin popularity is they have luxuries most homes don’t have like wood- burning stoves, fireplaces, wood floors, and Pine paneling instead of drywall. When pine is kiln dried and stored properly, its problems are greatly reduced. Wood walls inside and out with enough insulation in between makes for a warm house in winter and a cooler one in summer.

We see many television shows, magazines, and internet blogs displaying the virtues of log cabins and homes. This only adds to their popularity. Knotty Pine paneling is the perfect interior for cabins built with Pine log siding. You can enjoy the benefits of and learn about the virtues of knotty pine wood paneling by reading further.

Knotty Pine Is the Gold Standard for Cabin Walls

Pine is the standard building material for paneling, log siding, or full logs rather than scarcer hardwood or manmade materials. Any round logs, log siding, or squared logs have Pine as the primary wood at its heart. Pine is a sustainable wood product because it is grown on tree farms more than other species and is more readily available to mills. There are many reasons why you should use wood on your walls.

Knotty Pine is known for its beauty, strength, and durability for cabin use. It is also commonly used for trim, molding, flooring, decking, doors, cabinetry, and log home furniture. Add special touches with mantels, beams, stairs and railings, and electrical boxes with Pine. Its use is almost limitless for indoor and outdoor applications.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

Pine paneling has other benefits you can enjoy whether you build a cabin or you hire someone.

  • Firstly, Purchase paneling that is tongue and groove with the end-matching systems for tight-fitting joints that lay flat and don’t pull apart.
  • It is easy and fast to install and homeowners with essential woodworking skills and tools can do the job. This allows you to save a lot of money in the cabin’s construction.
  • You save up to 20% in measuring, sawing panels to length, and installation time.
  • You can save up to 20% in material waste because the panels can be installed anywhere between studs without end-butting them on studs.
  • The paneling is placed on traditional home framing for ease of construction.
  • Lastly, Knotty Pine paneling can be ordered unfinished or pre-finished for faster installation.

It is Affordable

Compared to using full logs, the Pine paneling and log siding combination is a real bargain at today’s prices. Panels are ¾” thick and available in widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” unfinished or pre-finished in convenient lengths. Surprisingly, you can buy them on sale at various times of the year and now is a good time to check for affordable pricing.

Take Advantage of Our Affordable Pine Log Prices

Pine paneling and log siding saves money in these ways:

  • Material cost is much less
  • Labor cost for installation is also much less
  • No crane or crane operator to hire for full logs
  • Transportation cost is reduced compared to full logs

Using Pine paneling for interior walls, ceilings, and decking is a win-win situation!

Use It for Trim, Molding, and Ceilings

You get a complete project job when using Pine trim, molding and ceilings that coordinate with the walls. Trim is available for use around windows, doors, as baseboards, for corners, ceiling trim, and chair railing. Create outstandingly rustic steps and stairway railing with Pine that stands out every time you ascend them.

Knotty Pine Wood for Interior walls and Ceilings

Rustic Pine Walls and Ceiling

Therefore, this material looks beautiful as ceilings and decking in any cabin or larger home. It is so much easier to install compared to drywall that is heavy and awkward to put up, tape, mud, sand, and paint. Do yourself a favor and consider Knotty Pine for both ceilings and walls. Undeniably, you can see how great it looks in this photo of a bedroom area on the second floor.

Buy Your Knotty Pine from a Trusted Dealer

Go for the best quality Knotty Pine paneling at competitive prices from the WoodWorkers Shoppe. You get hand-inspected material that will last a lifetime from America’s leading log home building products mill. We hope this information has been helpful and we look forward to chatting with you about your log cabin needs.

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