Reasons to Use Wood Log Siding Instead of Vinyl Log Siding

Log cabins, cottages, and homes all look more natural with wood log siding instead of vinyl log siding and other synthetic building materials. Vinyl siding is lightweight but carries too many drawbacks for long-term use on cabins, garages, workshops, sheds, or barns. Discover log siding’s advantages in the following ideas.

Pine and Cedar Log Siding Are Durable

Pine and cedar log siding are durable and will last for generations. If it gets a few scratches or dents, they can easily be repaired. Not so with vinyl siding. For example, if a lawnmower throws a rock at your cabin it will dent and can pierce the material. This is a real problem when several dents occur because vinyl siding cannot be readily patched to look good.

When damaged, vinyl pieces must be replaced and they may be hard to color match due to fading. Sometimes pieces split because of expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature. Real wood log siding overcomes all these disadvantages and has many benefits. 

Vinyl Log Siding Can Be Difficult to Install Correctly

Vinyl siding must be installed by skilled workers to avoid its common pitfalls such as:                   

  • If it is nailed too tightly, it can bulge, warp, or crack during expansion and contraction.
  • Faulty installation may void the manufacturer’s product warranty.
  • The construction company’s warranties may last only one year.
  • Some contractors use poorly trained workers when the labor supply is low.

High-quality wood siding is the way to go if you want to escape these issues. 

Vinyl Siding Fades Its Colors Over Time

Pine Log SidingVinyl siding shows its age much faster than wood siding and requires some corrective measures to be taken. Once it starts to fade, many homeowners decide to paint it. This is generally not a good option because the paint can crack and peel in a few years, especially in hot climates.

Pressure washing to clean and restore vinyl siding color is another poor option. If you are not careful, water can enter through cracks and crevices and can cause mold and attract termites. 

Wood Log Siding Has Better Insulation Qualities

Since real wood log siding is much thicker, it provides a higher insulation value than vinyl. This is a significant advantage in colder northern and mountain climates. Pine and cedar are both great natural insulators for any structure. 

“Pine and cedar log siding are durable and will last for generations. They are fast and easy to install and are affordable for almost any construction budget. You can order the highest quality, defect-free log siding online at fair prices.”


Vinyl Siding Can Lower Your Home’s Value

Many home buyers view vinyl siding as a cheap and inferior material. This may turn away prospective buyers and take longer to sell your cabin or home.                                                            

This material also easily becomes dirty and dingy from dust, dirt, rain, wind, snow, or smog.

The Wrong Siding Material May Allow Moisture Behind It

Wood log siding that is correctly sealed and caulked is virtually moisture-proof and allows the walls to breathe. Vinyl siding is generally installed on a layer of styrene insulation board that can trap moisture inside the walls. If not caulked properly, water can also enter through the gaps at the edges of the vinyl. 

A water-resistant house wrap is typically used under the vinyl siding but it is punctured with nails during installation. These holes can allow some moisture in that can rot wood that attracts mildew, mold, and termites.                                              

Vinyl is easily damaged in numerous ways such as rocks hitting it and children bumping toys into it. You can escape these drawbacks with real wood log siding.

Wood Log Siding Is Environmentally Friendly

Cedar Log SidingReal wood siding is environmentally friendly because pine trees from which the siding is made are grown on tree farms. They are sustainable, whereas vinyl log siding is not. Its manufacturing process and waste disposal are bad for the environment for these reasons:

  • Vinyl siding is made of PVC that produces bad greenhouse gases during creation.
  • Sulfur dioxide is a by-product of manufacturing that causes acid rain and smog.
  • The manufacturing process uses a lot of energy in the creation process.
  • This material releases harmful chemicals into the air as it ages.
  • When waste material is disposed of, it is usually burned that produces dioxin emissions.

NOTE: Pre-finished pine and cedar log siding are coated with low VOC materials that are safe for you and your family. 

In Summary

Do yourself a favor and use pine or cedar log siding inside and out for your log cabin. It’s fast and easy to install and is affordable for almost any construction budget. You can order the highest quality, defect-free log siding online at fair prices.

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