Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling

When it’s time to build your log cabin or home, use real Knotty Pine paneling and don’t settle for lesser quality. “Real” Knotty Pine paneling in this sense has tongue and groove with end-matching features that plain pine boards lack.
Don’t spend your time sorting through DIY stores and lumber yards for high-quality paneling because you’re not apt to find all you need. You will find it online from America’s leading log home building supply millworks.


What to Look for In High-Quality Pine Paneling

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price when ordering high-quality Real Knotty Pine Paneling for sale from our shop. Here’s what we build into every piece that goes out our doors:

  • Each piece of paneling is milled from only select Pine trees.
  • Our paneling is made to consistent and precise dimensions.
  • Each piece is dried for correct moisture content and to take stain evenly.
  • Our technicians hand-inspect each panel for defects.
  • The tongue and groove with end-matching features provide a superior fit.
  • We have the sizes and wood varieties that work best for log cabins and homes.

We mill Knotty Pine paneling to ¾” thick and in widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8.” Two finish options are available: unfinished and pre-finished for convenience. There’s no need to butt end-matched paneling or siding on a stud like you would the “Old Way” with 12′, 14′ and 16’boards. Tongue and groove paneling significantly reduces the amount of measuring and cutting in each project. The results are 15-20% labor savings and up to 20% less material waste.
Once you use quality paneling that lies flat when installed, you won’t go back to anything else. It goes up fast and easy with a nail gun and the right size nails. By the way, these panels join end-to-end anywhere between studs and still provide a strong fit. Don’t worry about ordering the right amount or size of materials; we’ll help you with that.

Have Your Considered Faux Weathered and Vintage Paneling?

Weathered Red Barnwood Paneling   Weathered Gray Barnwood Paneling


You can have the authentic look of old barn wood siding on your walls without using reclaimed or recycled wood. Faux paneling simulates weathering by the elements with our exclusive manufacturing process. Enjoy the rustic appeal without the smells, bugs, or cupped boards you get with reclaimed wood. You will also like the lack of pulling nails, sorting, cutting and ripping to get usable pieces.
Faux weathered and vintage paneling is clean, neat, comes with tongue and groove with end-matching, and is ready to install. Put it up on all your walls, a select few, or accent a single wall in one or more rooms. Any way you tackle the project, it will look great! It also looks great on ceilings, as wainscoting, around kitchen islands and bars. Our paneling goes through a unique process that gives new wood an old look with lots of texture and character.
You’ll find it in weathered grey and red or as a smooth finish in both colors. You will find many other popular colors on your shopping list from our millworks. We supply barn siding paneling in raw form if you want to stain it yourself or hire a painter. Better yet, save a lot of time by letting our custom finish shop professionally apply the stain color of your choice. Choose between 6” and 8” widths to highlight all your rooms.

Beadboard or Pickwick Paneling Anyone?

We’re not finished yet because you can use Knotty Pine paneling on your walls and ceilings in beadboard. You find that 1”x4” Pine is an ideal size for these paneling variations as well as wainscoting. Wainscoting is used to break up the appearance of a wall and a place for chair railing.

Wainscoting   Beadboard Style Paneling


Beadboard is a versatile way to use paneling in these areas for a cabin or cottage look:

  • Bathrooms and Backsplashes
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Doors
  • Backs of Bookshelves
  • Kitchen Islands and Bar Rooms
  • Sun Room and Porch Ceilings

Read more about great ways to use beadboard. Tip: Experts recommend you do not paint Knotty Pine wood. Instead, use stain of your desired color and cover with a clean finish.
You will need matching trims with square edges such as 1”x4” or 1”x5” for use around or as:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Baseboards
  • Chair Rails
  • Kitchen Islands

If you want a gentler, more rounded edged trim, go for round-over casing and baseboard. You may also opt for inside and outside corner trims.
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