Build Your Log Cabin with Siding That Holds Up to the Elements

So, you want to build a log cabin that holds up to the elements in any climate. It’s a matter of using the best construction methods, high-quality log siding, and caulking and sealing the joints correctly over time. The owners of this restaurant have followed these steps to ward off all the rain, sleet, and snow they get in their area. You can do the same for your log cabin or log home.

Let’s take a look at how the elements affect wood, why you should use the best log siding you can afford, especially cedar, and how to seal it all up from the weather.

How the Elements/Weather Affect Wood Siding

High-quality pine log sidingWood siding and trim are affected by several natural environmental conditions, including:

  • Rain and Sleet that seep into wood can cause mold and mildew and open the way for wood-deteriorating organisms.
  • Snow and Hail, like rain and sleet, can generate mold and mildew if allowed to stand long enough without removal. 
  • Sunshine and Dry Air can crack the wood and turn it dark colors without proper sealing. This typically occurs on the south side of a cabin in any area but more so in arid areas of the southwest. 
  • Humidity and Wind are other enemies of wood siding that must be dealt with. Humid areas can increase moisture problems already outlined. Heavy winds can blow rain, sleet, and snow into unprotected areas that can cause mold and mildew.
  • Fungi and Insects look for a meal in poorly treated wood. Fungi in the forms of brown rot and white rot and can transport water through strands of wood. Insects such as termites and wood-boring bees destroy wood and must be eliminated.
  • The Species of Wood makes a real difference in resistance to the elements. Cedar and cypress hold up extremely well; however, cypress is expensive and hard to get. 

Any prolonged condensation, leak, or other sources of moisture can ruin areas of your siding especially if it touches the ground. 

When your log siding and trim are properly sealed and detailed, it will be protected from the elements for decades.

“You will never be sorry buying quality materials instead of cut-rate products.”


Use the Highest-Quality Pine Log Siding

The first and most important recommendation is don’t use cheap wood or you will be sorry. High-quality wood has a head start because it will be hand-inspected for quality and the absence of defects means few if any problems in the long run. 

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get fair prices by ordering from the WoodWorkers Shoppe. Our pine siding is stable, and when sealed and treated as directed, will hold up to the harshest weather conditions.

This marvelous log cabin is not new but it appears new because it was built with high-quality wood siding and cared for. You can achieve this same effect by taking the right steps.

Consider Installing Cedar Siding

Cedar log siding is known for its natural resistance to moisture and insects and is a special building material. It costs more than pine but is well worth installing on your cabin or home especially in rainy, humid areas of the U.S. 

Cedar is also a beautiful color to behold shown in this amazing home. The siding looks just as good on the interior as it does on the exterior.

Caulk, Seal, and Stain Log Siding Correctly

Siding products onlineAny weather condition will take its toll on wood products over time. Protect yours from the start by taking the proper precautions, including:

  • Caulking around window and door trim and any exposed joints necessary
  • Staining the wood with the best products available
  • Using the highest quality wood sealing material specified for your area
  • Maintaining the log siding by following manufacturer’s guidelines

Be smart and follow these steps to maintain the color and integrity of your log siding, trim, and corner system.

Find the Best Siding Products and Advice Online

You will never be sorry buying quality materials instead of cut-rate products. Order your log siding, trim, corner system, and sealing products online and be ahead of the game. You can save a lot of time and labor by purchasing pre-finished log siding in a variety of colors. Now is a great time to get started on building that log cabin of your dreams!

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