If you’re planning to remodel, then you need to make sure that you have all of the right materials to get the job finished. If you’re choosing log siding or even pine panels, then you’ll also need to think about the trim and molding that goes into the finished project. Wood trim helps you to finish off around areas like electrical outlets, light switches, and windows and other fixtures.

Whenever you’re thinking about a remodeling job that you want to look professional and that will stand the test of time, make sure that you get your matching wood trim pieces from the Woodworker’s Shoppe.

How Wood Trim and Molding Ties Everything Together

Woodworker’s ShoppeA new remodeling job using paneling or interior siding will never look its best without the right trim and molding. Around corners, door frames, window frames, and other settings on your walls, the right trim will make for a professional finish that looks great. Imagine rustic look wood trim in a den, man cave, or even in your living room.

Trim doesn’t simply have to match the panels or siding that you choose to install. The trim available at the Woodworker’s Shoppe can even be used with drywall to create the right accents in your home. Trims come in log styles, or traditional pine corner trim that is cut and embellished in the Colonial Style, Three Bead, or the simple and classic Round-over.

The right trim can be found for both inside and outside corners, for installation where your walls meet the floors or ceiling, or for inside window and door settings. Of course, you can also use trim around any electronic fixture in your home, whether it is for lighting, an alarm or air conditioning control panel, or even an intercom system. Rustic crown molding and pine corner trim is versatile and will meet the needs of whatever project you need to use it for.

Outdoor and Specialty Pine Corner Trim

rustic look wood trimOne of the hardest parts of completing an exterior remodel can be deciding on the materials that you will use. If you want a home that has flawless and timeless looks, but that also reflects the natural setting of your home and even the history of construction methods in the United States, then choosing log wood siding is a great option. Exterior siding comes in a range of depths, whether you want half log siding for maximum depth and the traditional log home look, or even quarter cut siding that offers a lower profile and a more contemporary look.

When you choose these siding materials, you’ll need the right outdoor trim to finish the job. The trim should be weather resistant, it should be long lasting, and, perhaps most importantly, it should be able to complement the look of your outdoor siding.

When working with materials like aluminum or even composite siding, the price usually comes with a compromise on looks. If you want the best look from your home so that it is of real investment quality, then quality timber siding and trim pieces are all you should settle for. We can offer specialized pine corner trim pieces that are crafted to your unique specifications. Do you have an arched window above your door, or do you have other arched windows around your home? Do you have specially designed features on your home that would require unique trim, such as full circle window designs or even other shapes? You can talk to us about your specifications and we’ll craft the right pieces that allow you to get the job done quickly and with ease.

At the end of your remodel, you’ll be left with the look of handcrafted quality, and our quality wood trim products can last for decades on your home.

Depending on the pieces that you’re thinking of purchasing, you’ll be able to select from smooth and hand hewn finishes. Hand hewn pine corner trim will go perfectly with your hand hewn log siding to recreate the look of an early settler log home.

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