Lumi-Wood coming to a room near you!

Lumi-wood is a unique wood product of ours that is really looking bright! Literally looking bright!
Right now, this unique product can be found in our standard paneling products, but can also be added to our trim work, furniture or any other wood product that’ll make a room really glow!

Lumi-wood Paneling Daytime
Lumi-wood Paneling Nightime!

Hover your cursor over the image above

Now, what is Lumi-Wood? 

Well, Lumi-wood is our regular looking paneling during the daylight hours or when the lights are on….
…..but, turn those lights off after dark and the paneling takes on a wonderful warm glow! The knots and grain show through to still provide that wood feeling, but it brings about a “Northern Lights” feel to the room. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see and feel the Aurora Borealis around you, you’ll know the feeling this paneling will exude on you.

There’s no increase in your electrical bill either as Lumi-wood works off of regular lighting in the room. Use of LED lights bring better looks to your Lumi-wood!

The video below starts with the lights on and suddenly the lights go off ….
….the world of Lumi-wood then shows its luminescence!

Watch as we introduce a blue laser pointer! 


Can be used at home or commercially. Add that “Wow Factor” to these areas….

Home uses are…

  • Basements
  • Man Caves & She Sheds
  • Bar
  • Bathrooms (no plug-in night-light needed!)
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Kids Room (lots of fun falling asleep or playing games)
  • Bring out a Laser Pen and when Lumi-wood is used on a wall and/or ceiling, it quickly becomes a pallet to write on and play games upon! It erases all by itself too!

Commercial uses are…

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Paintball Facilities
  • Theaters
  • Putt Putt Golf Indoors
  • Wherever People gather for Entertainment
  • Again, bring out a Laser Pen and your wall or ceiling quickly becomes a pallet to write on and play games! It erases all by itself too!

In the images below, the paneling appears just how it looks in the light.
Take your mouse or cursor and hover over that image to see how it would appear at night!


1×8 Knotty Pine Paneling Satin Clear Coat w/Green Glow  

1×6 Barnwood Weathered White Paneling w/Green Glow

Many more selections and options below

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