Once your beautiful log home is finished, you must seal it against the elements to keep it looking pristine for years to come. That’s where Log Siding Preparation Materials are needed. A myriad of stain colors are available, and durable clear coat polyurethanes keep the wood colors in ideal condition.

Although wood used for log home siding is strong and durable, it’s not invincible. Natural building materials are subject to natural forces like sunlight, water in its various forms, dry air, wind, and perhaps insects. These conditions may not significantly degrade the log siding but they will turn the wrong colors if not treated properly.

By planning early on, you can set up a workable preventative maintenance program that will save time, money, work, and especially your log siding. Let’s take a look at some professional ideas that will help achieve these goals.

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Keep Your Wood Products Clean and Dry Upon Arrival

Protecting the exterior of your new log home is no place to skimp on cost. The more things you do the right way will reduce the amount of work and maintenance needed later. Once the siding, log trim, and corner system arrive, stack them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and keep them in a dry place. Off the ground, stacked somewhat loosely for air circulation, and covered is best.

If your log siding arrives with road dust or grim on it, clean it with a solution of trisodium phosphate and water. Let them dry, stack and cover them. For best results, leave them stacked for 3 -5 days to acclimate to your local climate conditions.

Apply High-Quality Protection

Once your walls are in place, they should be protected with a high-quality sealer or stain product. Do this adequately to prevent water from entering the wood. Stain containing more pigment will protect better against UV rays, discoloration, and weathering.

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Liquid protector ants can be applied directly to log siding in one of three ways:

  • Spray it on
  • Paint it on
  • Dipped in it

Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines as there may be differences.

Various clear coat products can be applied over stains and sealers for extra protection. Add an insect repellant product if there is any potential danger from them. You should caulk around door and window openings to keep them air-tight and moisture out.

“Once your beautiful log home is finished, you must seal it against the elements to keep it looking pristine for years to come.”

Monitor Any Changes in the Wood Over Time

Your log home materials supplier will recommend a maintenance program to keep your exterior and interior siding looking new. Since different climates and weather conditions affect wood differently, monitor your siding a few times each year to detect any:

  • Wood cracks/checks
  • Dry or faded spots
  • Presence of insects
  • Presence of fungi
  • Moisture damage

If you discover any of these issues, take care of them ASAP to prevent further problems. Keep shrubs, bushes, and trees from touching the log siding because they can trap moisture against the wood. Leaving adequate space between them and the walls allows sunlight and wind to help dry the logs.

Keep the Finish Looking Fresh

Your log siding protection will need some maintenance during the next three to six years. How soon depends on your local climatic conditions and the harshness of the elements. A quick visual check each fall and spring will alert you to anything that needs attention. The southwest corner of a log home tends to weaken first because of the sun’s exposure.

A word here about staining versus not staining the log siding, trim, and corner system. Since stain has pigment compared to a clear finish, it will weather slower. If the sun is very harsh and you prefer a clear finish, think about adding some pigment to more protection. Your materials supplier will recommend a maintenance program for their brands of products, and be sure to follow it completely.

Our Best Product Recommendations

Log Home Protection

Include enough room in your budget for the best protection for those walls, trim, corners, doors, and windows. Here are our recommendations; order what you need:


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Perma-Chink Ultra 2 is the premier waterborne finish for log homes that offers a 5-year warranty that is unmatched in the stain industry.

Caulking & Chinking

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Sikkens Cetol Stain Colors

Find more colors and information about stains on this page and consult with one of our customer service representatives.

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