Although we typically think of smooth log siding on cabins and log homes, it has many other useful applications in home living and commercial enterprises. Both Pine and Cedar are being installed on structures that are not only rustic looking, but beautiful as well.

Renovating a home with log siding

“Before” Log Siding on Double Wide Home

Log Siding can completely transform the look of your cabin or home

“After” Log Siding on Same Home with Porch Added

Other building uses for Pine and Cedar log siding include:

  • Manufactured housing
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and Grills
  • State parks
  • Retail Stores

Today, we will concentrate on installing log siding on the exterior of a popular type of manufactured housing – double wide mobile homes. Continue reading to find out how double wide mobile homes look great with log cabin siding.

Benefits of Log Siding

Mobile homes are growing in popularity in parts of the U.S because traditional houses cost too much. Many think the general housing market is over-inflated and thousands of younger buyers are looking for less-expensive housing. Those looking for affordable housing are turning to double-wide manufactured units and many current owners dream about converting theirs to a log home. Using log siding has some important benefits for this style of home, including:

  • Much more affordable than tradition housing
  • Log siding adds more insulation value and saves energy
  • You increase the curb appeal and value
  • A comfortable, stable home with lower monthly payments
  • The true look of a rustic log cabin – not vinyl or steel siding

How It’s done

The current siding is removed and door and window trim are put in place first, then the exterior is completely wrapped in log siding. It’s installed from the bottom up using long screws and a drill. It’s beneficial to watch an instructional video about installing siding before you make the purchase. Many homeowners use a rock skirting from the ground up to the first row of siding.

How to replace exterior walls with log siding

Log Siding Installation

Choose a corner system from our website to complete the exterior projects. Three other favorite options that need consideration are:

  • Pine or Cedar siding
  • Unfinished or pre-finished siding
  • Staining the trim and corner a darker color

There’s no need to change out your doors and windows because you can work the siding around them without any fuss. If you do the work yourself, first consult with a siding company about the best way to remove the siding and whether it can be recycled. Next, work with one of our siding specialists to determine the amount and style of building materials you need. You can convert your mobile home into a cabin by also replacing the interior with paneling.

Pine Versus Cedar Siding

Most of us are familiar with Pine wood because it is commonly used for many building purposes in residential and commercial markets. It is abundant, easy to work, and sustainable because many trees are grown and harvested on tree farms. Pine is strong, durable, and affordable compared to many other woods. It will look great on your double wide stained in your choice of colors or finished in a natural-looking clear coat.

Pine Works well with Cabin Siding


Using Cedar on Cabin Siding


Cedar, as well as Pine, is a great way to insulate your home because they protect from thermal heat loss. It is also resistant to decay, termites, and other insects. It is easy to work with and is attractive on the exterior of any building no matter the architectural style. More benefits are:

  • Cedar is stable and durable and will last for generations
  • It provides a rustic appearance like nothing else can
  • It is up to 50% less likely to warp or swell because of moisture penetration
  • Cutting down Cedar trees has a lower environmental impact than cutting down hardwood trees.

Unfinished Versus Pre-Finished Siding

Unfinished siding for your manufactured house is less expensive upfront than pre-finished. You will run up the cost by the time you purchase staining and finishing supplies and hire a painter. You will also increase the time factor because of the labor involved in finishing the wood and cleaning up afterward.

If you are in no hurry and plan to do most or all the work yourself, unfinished siding is the way to go. However, if you are in a hurry on a tight schedule or don’t want to do the installing or finishing work yourself, hire a contractor. Your budget for the project will be the other major factor in the decision.

Think about this tip. Letting our finishing shop stain your siding and/or apply a clear coat will produce more professional results. There will be no runs or messy-looking places in the finish because experts will go the work. It comes to your job site completely dry, seasoned against the elements, and ready to install. All you need to do is saw the pieces to length and install them.

We are standing by to assist you with our high-quality log siding, trims, corner systems, and finishing products. Reach us by dialing (800) 818-9971 for the best products and service around.

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