Log Home Siding with Cedar

Stone Accents (River Rocks) In Log Homes Complements Cedar Or pine’s Natural Touch

A trend that is currently hot is combining log cabins exteriors with stone of various sizes, shapes, colors, and heights. This log home uses rounded river rocks as skirting around the entire structure. It looks amazing and is only one of many designs you can use to increase your cabin’s curb appeal and owner’s desirability.

Combine the rock outlay with Pine or Cedar log siding and you can create a more rustic look for any style log cabin or log home. Adding more of nature to a house like stone provides a more stable feeling. This architectural style adds a little cost to the plans, but the increased aesthetic and monetary value is well worth the money. Many cabin owners learn they are the envy of the neighborhood with this combination. Find out why log style siding and stone cabin exteriors are hot by continuing to read our article.

Using Stone on the Exterior

Log Cabin Exterior Siding Ideas

Using Flat Stone With Log Cabins for a Rustic Appeal

There are many ways and places to use stone to advantage on your log home or business. Consider one or more of the following ways to dress up the exterior:

  • Chimneys and columns
  • Skirting and steps
  • Doorway entrances
  • Attached to foundations
  • Around corners
  • Short fences
  • Terracing the yard

As part of your plans for a new cabin or a renovation, consult with a competent stonemason. He or she will help you choose the type of stone, colors, and layout of the design. Be prepared to modify your ideas because the mason has the experience and expertise to make high-quality decisions. If you have some basic experience laying stone or brick, you may be able to take part in the construction and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Favorite Types of Stones to Consider

Using stone on the exterior of a cabin is a popular idea for those who want a distinct look. The sheer beauty of stone is incomparable and will bring pleasure for many years to come. Natural stone is built to last indefinitely without breaking down.

Log Cabin Design Ideas - Stone Entry

Stone Entranceway to a Log Cabin 

With today’s availability of stone, you are not limited to a single type or style. Many businesses specialize in supplying stone for residential and commercial uses. Here are some favorites:

  • River rock
  • Flat rock
  • Fieldstone
  • Stone veneer
  • Manufactured stone

You still need to decide on the shape and color hues. Natural stone can be found in round, oval, flat, and assorted shapes, or textured surfaces. You can match the stone shapes and colors as much as possible or mix and match them to create a special effect.

We’ve looked at half of the stone-log siding combination, now think about Pine or Cedar siding. Either choice is a winner, and you can be proud of your selection for the exterior and/or interior of your cabin. Both are affordable and come with these benefits:

  • Quarter log, half log, and premier D-log profiles are available
  • They are made with tongue and groove and end-matching for secure joints
  • Log siding is fast and easy to install compared to full logs
  • You get the authentic full log look without the full log price
  • Save up to 20% material waste with our tongue and groove siding
  • Log siding is installed on conventional home framing
  • The homeowner can install siding with basic woodworking skills
Cedar Log Home Siding and Design options

Cedar Cabin Siding With stone Additions

Pine log siding is less expensive than Cedar and is the most popular wood for log cabins. It is durable, easy to work, and takes staining well. It experiences minimal dimensional changes because it is a stable wood.

Cedar is the next favorite option that presents more variety of colors and is more resistant to moisture and insects. It is also durable, easy to work, and takes staining well. You can’t go wrong with Cedar siding.

You get the complete log cabin effect by using log siding on both the exterior and interior walls. Add the correct type and amount of insulation between the framing studs for a warm cabin. If you live in a colder climate and your budget allows it, think about using 2x6s instead of 2x4s for framing to hold additional insulation.

Save Time with Pre-finished Siding

If you are in a hurry or start your cabin construction or renovation late in the year, cold weather can overtake you. Consider using pre-finished siding to save a lot of time and effort.

  • No need to buy staining and finishing supplies
  • Hiring a painter is not necessary
  • Finishes will be applied professionally in a controlled environment
  • The finish will be applied to all sides and ends of the siding
  • There will be no runs or imperfections

Explore more ideas about pre-finished log siding in the informative blog. Let us know which option you prefer – unfinished or pre-finished and we will promptly start on your order.

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