Log Cabin Decking – Many homes and cabins use interior decking and exterior decking but they’re not the same. Your choice of materials and their finishes are based on their uses, the amount of foot traffic they get, and their resistance to the elements. Decking for loft flooring and roofs is typically pine and is not exposed to the elements like outdoor decking.

Outdoor decking material can be chemically treated softwood, natural woods that resist moisture and insects, or synthetic materials. Your choice is based on personal preferences, your climate, and your construction budget. The following information will provide a better understanding of the two different types of decking.

What Decking Is: Is Pine the Best Material

Decking has a two-fold meaning and includes wood for the floors of house and cabin lofts and roofs and materials for the floors of outdoor decks, patios, or gazebos. Knotty pine is the most cost-effective material for interior use and is quite easy to work with.

Outdoor decking needs more weather-resistant materials than pine (described below) to resist moisture, sunlight, and insects. Knotty pine can be used for enclosed back porch flooring without being chemically treated.

Exterior Decking Must Be Waterproof or Water-resistant

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Since exterior decking is installed as horizontal floors, it is exposed to year-round weather. It should be waterproof or at least water-resistant to hold up to the elements. Materials include:

  • Pressure-treated Lumber is the most popular material used today made from Southern yellow pine that is chemically treated.
  • Redwood or Red Cedar contains tannins and oils that make them naturally resistant to decay and many insects. These beautiful woods are not treated with preservatives.
  • Tropical Hardwoods are also naturally resistant to rot and many insects. Typical varieties include garapa, massaranduba, cumaru, red tauari, tigerwood, and ipe.
  • Composite and PVC Decking are gaining popularity. Composite is made from recycled plastic and wood dust while PVC is made from 100% plastic. They are virtually maintenance-free materials.
  • Aluminum is the most expensive material that typically costs about $10 per 1 linear foot for a 1”x 6” piece.

Take your pick based on personal preferences, your climate, and your construction budget.

Knotty Pine Makes the Best Interior Decking

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Interior decking is material that is installed under the roof and as the floors of lofts as shown here. The best wood to use for these applications is 2”x 6” knotty pine planks.

The best results are obtained when tongue and groove/end-matched boards are used. This design is formed around all four edges of each piece that makes a tight fit and easy no-waste installation. Loft decking is finished on both the tops and bottoms because they will both be seen. Roof decking only needs finishing on the bottom because the tops will not show.

Use a durable finish that dries hard for the loft decking so it holds up to foot traffic.

“There’s no need to shop at multiple DIY stores or lumber yards when you can find the finest quality knotty pine decking online.”

Knotty pine decking planks are installed using a nail gun and the correct type of nails to hold it securely. Decking for a roof is secured to rafters, furring strips, or other materials applied to the rafters. It is finished only on the one side that shows.

How Knotty Pine Log Cabin Decking Is Installed

Knotty pine decking for lofts is also installed with a nail gun and the nail heads are not exposed in either application. Therefore, the planks may or may not be secured to a subfloor depending on your desired structural layout. Markedly, Using tongue and groove with the end-matching design makes the work go faster and results in zero-wasted materials.

Where to Find High-quality Pine Decking

There’s no need to shop at multiple DIY stores or lumber yards when you can find the finest quality knotty pine decking online. Order these quality materials for a superior job:

  • Knotty pine unfinished decking
  • Knotty Pine prefinished decking
  • Baseboards and trim
  • Stains and finishes

Talk to one of our decking specialists if you need to determine how much material is needed. All our knotty pine decking is hand-inspected and defect-free so you can enjoy quality materials.

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