Many prospective log cabin owners don’t realize there’s more than one way to create outside corners to make them more appealing. Consider the different log cabin corner styles before you finalize plans and begin construction to select the style that will be pleasing to the eye.

Rustic corner systems provide the authentic log cabin and log home look that adds the finishing touch to any structure. Our team will assist you in choosing the style of corners that are compatible with the style and profile of the log siding you plan to use. All of our log cabin corner styles are available in smooth and hand-hewn surfaces to match your log siding choice. The four options are

  • Butt-n-Pass D-Style Siding Corners
  • Butt-n-Pass Double D-Style Siding Corners
  • Vertical Log Siding Corners
  • Saddle Notch Corners

Let’s examine the different log cabin corner styles in more detail with photos that will assist your selection. If you need assistance selecting a corner style, talk to one of our log cabin specialists at (800) 818-9971.

Butt-n-Pass D-Style Siding Corners


The butt-n-pass corner method is a simple way to construct corners without any notching required. It’s a sure-fire way for beginners with little woodworking know-how to make professional looking outside corners. Here are this option’s benefits:

  • Minimal maintenance and ease of construction
  • Minimal amount of carpentry skills needed
  • The most popular and easily learned technique
  • Inexpensive compare to other methods and fast to install
  • The corners are pinned together in a sturdy fashion
  • Can be used with any shape log – round, square, D-log, hand-hewn, etc.

Although simpler to install than other log cabin corner styles, butt-n-pass is just as rustic and realistic for any log cabin or home.

Butt-n-Pass Double D-Style Siding Corner


Double-D style siding corners are similar to D-style except the logs are round on both sides of the corners. We manufacture both styles to provide our customers with a choice of traditional corners. Both styles are sturdy and durable enough to last for generations. Log siding in both styles is available in 6” and 8” sizes. Like the single D-style, they are not complicated to install and look rustically superior. You will better understand how these two corner systems work by watching the two videos found on this page. Pine and cedar are typically used for siding and corner systems, while other woods can be used at greater expense.

Vertical Log Siding Corners Look Natural


Our third option is called vertical log siding corners and is also easy to install with basic tools and minimal woodworking experience. Vertical corners are available for half and quarter log siding to match the size of your log siding. We mill and stock these sizes:

  • 6” diameter
  • 8” diameter
  •  8’ lengths
  • 10’ lengths
  • 12’ lengths
  • 16’ lengths (pine only)


Watch this installation video to see what the logs look like and how they are mounted onto the corners. Saw the boards to length and use three 8” screws for each 8’ of vertical corners and more screws when the boards are longer. This will hold them securely for the life of the cabin.

Saddle Notch Corners


Saddle-Notch corners provide the unmistakable full log look and are available to match all siding profiles. This is the traditional style that locks two logs securely together to form a solid corner. When cut properly, log cabin corner notches form an air-tight seal that prevents:

  • Warm and cold air leaks
  • Infiltration of bugs and pests
  • Moisture and the elements

We make it easy for you by pre-cutting the logs and notches in our woodworking shop. Learn more about this amazing way to secure your log cabin corners by viewing here.

A Word About the Quality of Our Log Products

Let’s pause for a moment to look at why you should only use the highest quality log siding and corner systems for your cabin or home. We meet or exceed the industry standards for quality in all our wood products so that you:

  • Will have wood that is correctly kiln dried and stable
  • Get siding that is dimensionally perfect without any defects
  •  Will have peace of mind knowing they are durable
  • Can install the corner systems perfectly because they are milled that way

To see why so many people build log cabins, click here.


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