In every home, the kitchen and dining areas are a focal point. These areas are where the family comes together in the mornings and evenings, sharing meals and conversations; energizing, or unwinding. For the kitchen and dining areas to be both comfortable and welcoming, the right materials need to be used for new builds and renovations.

Food, cooking, and conversation, are all very natural things. Which is why a natural knotty pine kitchen renovation also makes sense. Timber is warm, timeless, and can be strikingly beautiful. If you’re planning a kitchen for a new home or if it’s time for remodeling, then our interior pine prefinished paneling could be the perfect material for your rustic kitchen renovations.

Pine Paneling in Today’s Time?

prefinished pine panelingThere are still people that hold negative perceptions of timber paneling, but this is usually because of poor experiences with materials from the 1970s and 80s. When paneling hit a boom in these decades, the materials used were not always of high quality. Sometimes they were simple laminates or printed veneers, and they were neither beautiful or particularly long-lasting. If you have any doubts about using prefinished pine paneling in your home, then it’s time to get up to speed on what the modern options can deliver.

Take a look at our paneling inventory, and you will see that our wooden kitchen paneling is anything but ordinary. It is made from natural timber, with the beautiful rich grain running through each piece. Our panels are suitable for homeowners who don’t want to make compromises on quality, and who want the best looks. With our pre-stained knotty pine paneling, you’ll get real timber paneling that has been prepared with moisture and damage resistant finishes. Making them perfect for any room in the home, including your kitchen and dining room.

If you want to blend the rustic look with the elegance of a modern kitchen and dining room? Then our knotty pine paneling would be the perfect fit for your rustic kitchen renovations.

An Eco-Friendly Material for Modern Times

Plaster and drywall were used extensively throughout the 1990s and 00s. As people chased an ultra-clean ‘modern’ aesthetic, it seemed that many home designers lost sight of what beauty actually means. Painted drywall and plastered walls are useful in some scenarios. They are susceptible to damage and they start to look worse as they age. Every day, homeowners are finding that the bland looks of flat painted walls are no longer attractive. This is why classic timber paneling is experiencing a resurgence today.

interior pine panelingPeople love timber because it’s natural and evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. When you think of an old log home or the luxurious grand hotels of yesteryear; high-quality timber walls were common. Homes today that use timber are able to stand out. Prefinished interior pine paneling is the easiest way to get the natural look and feel of timber in your home.

Best of all, timber is eco-friendly, particularly when you choose pine or cedar paneling. The panels are made with raw timber that comes from sustainable forests. Each panel will last forever in a home, which will reduce waste. Timber paneling is also energy efficient, so using eco-friendly wood paneling can reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint.

More About the Benefits…

When you have the benefits of beauty, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness, it’s obvious that you’re onto a good material for your build or renovation. However, there’s one other benefit that you can factor into your choice for interior pine paneling.

Our timber paneling use a tongue and groove system that we pioneered. Matched grooves run along both the ends and the lengths of our panels. This makes installation simple with less waste and fewer materials needed. There are fewer wasted cuts, and installation times are greatly reduced. A medium sized room can easily be completed as a day project. Even if you’re hiring a contractor you will spend less money because of the time saved.

Tongue and groove timber paneling is a modern solution based on a classic idea. There are no tacky ‘wood grain’ imitations here, and instead, you’ll get the best quality in finished knotty pine paneling that will increase the beauty and value of your home. Take a look at our prefinished options today, as well as our knotty pine cabinets, and start planning those rustic kitchen renovations for a home that is as beautiful as you’ve always imagined.