Many log home owners have discovered they can buy higher quality wood that is properly kiln-dried at fair prices. Air-dried log siding, trim, corners, paneling, and pine flooring do not provide the benefits of professionally kiln-dried products. You owe it to yourself to purchase the best materials to obtain durability and prevent unwanted issues. You will appreciate these benefits:

Controlled moisture content for best results

  • Faster dying time so you get your products sooner
  • Wood defects are minimized or eliminated
  • More protection from bacteria, fungi, and pests. Henceforth, no rotting
  • No harsh chemicals are used and resins dry off the wood surfaces

All these benefits are explained in the following paragraphs to show why kiln-dried wood, especially log siding, is the best route to take.

Cedar Log Siding

Moisture Content in the Wood Is Controlled Better

Uncontrolled moisture in wood can create several problems you want to avoid. When it’s air-dried outdoors even in a building or shed it’s subject to the elements like fluctuating humidity caused by rain, sleet, or snow. While you wait patiently for the materials to cure, moisture is warping or cupping them and insects, or fungi may be on the attack. Therefore, not the optimum outcome.

When air-dried in the open, the sun also takes its toll on the variable moisture content that can distort wood. It can also absorb odors, accidental liquid spills, or animal urine which changes the moisture content in spots. The best results are obtained in consistently controlled temperature and humidity levels. Various woods expand and contract differently with moisture changes that are out of our control.

It Dries Faster than Air-Drying Wood

Kiln-dried wood that is correctly processed dries in a matter of weeks compared to months with air-dried wood. The basic reason is the drying process acts like your kitchen oven. Where you can control the temperature, moisture content, and drying time.

Kiln-drying takes place in a closed chamber or room where the process occurs by:

  • Drying with heat and fanned airflow to move the inner moisture to the wood’s surface
  • Increasing the temperature speeds up the moisture diffusion
  • Next, allowing moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere faster
  • The moisture content is controlled to a predetermined percentage with humidifiers, thus never too dry or wet

Once the process is complete, the wood is stacked for storage and shipment.

“Air-dried log siding, trim, corners, paneling, and pine flooring do not provide the benefits of professionally kiln-dried products.”

Pine Paneling

Wood Defects Are Minimized or Eliminated with Kiln Drying

The end result is, lighter and more durable wood products that are especially important in furniture making. Undeniably, this process prevents warping, twisting, and small cracks from emerging in log siding. These aspects help create more work-ability in wood.                                                                                                 

In the end, the products of log siding, log trim, and log corners are superior to air-dried wood. Defects are major problems for mills, distributors, retailers, and homeowners. Whereas, it’s why kiln-dried wood has the advantage of minimizing or eliminating defects. Unquestionably, there is less waste and prices tend to be kept under better control.

Dryer Wood Protects More Against Fungal, Bacteria, and Pest Degradation

Although you may not notice any ill effects of air-dried wood immediately, they can show up over time. Fungi, bacteria, and pests can penetrate the wood and cause havoc. Thus, the last thing you as a homeowner wants is finding out your purchases has one of these issues.

Cedar Paneling

Harsh Chemicals Are Not Used and Resins Are Dried Off in Softwoods

Unfortunately, some wood manufacturers use harsh chemicals to aid the air-drying process. Significantly causing discoloration, or are volatile enough to give off a toxin into the room. They are not used in kiln-drying with the added benefit of resins that seep out of the wood and are dried. Overall, find out more about why wood is kiln-dried in this interesting article.

Kiln-Dried Paneling

Where to Find the Highest Quality Log Home Building Products

The WoodWorkers Shoppe has the reputation of milling the best-quality kiln-dried wood materials for the log home market. We supply these hand-inspected, defect-free products:                                                                                                                                  

  • Pine and Cedar Log Siding – Smooth or Hand-hewn – Unfinished or Pre-finished
  • Log Trim, Log Corners, Peeled Logs, Log Railing, and Stairs
  • Pine and Cedar Paneling – Unfinished or Prefinished
  • Pine Flooring, Pine Doors, Trims, Beam Covers, Log Trusses
  • Interior Pine Log Railing, Stairs, and Cabinetry

Our customer service associates will help you find just what you need at fair prices.

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