Reasons to Choose Pine Flooring Over Carpets     

Choosing the right flooring for your home or cabin should not be taken lightly. After all, you will be walking on them for a long time and they are subject to wear and tear. Real wood is now so popular that traditional carpeting is waning out of the picture. Although some homeowners still install carpeting in their new or renovated homes, it has its disadvantages.

Pine flooring is the most affordable wood flooring material on the market. It overcomes the drawbacks of carpeting such as holding allergens, replacement, showing stains, pet damage and going out of fashion. You can’t find a better floor for its beauty and economy than pine.

Pine Floors Are Allergens Free

 Pine floors are allergen-freeIf you or family members suffer from allergies, COPD, or other respiratory issues, pine flooring is ideal for your home or cabin. Here’s why pine tongue and groove flooring is better:

Overall, carpets impair indoor air quality that triggers or causes unwanted heal issues. Consider pine flooring for your kitchen, bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways, and enjoy cleaner air.

Beautiful Pine Floors Do Not Need Replacing

Carpets can show a lot of wear and tear over the years but real wood floors don’t share this headache. Homes with children and/or pets develop dingy and damaged carpet piles. If you live in an area where it snows a lot, you can carry in a lot of debris on your shoes and boots. 

Carpets can fade over time from sunlight exposure. Eventually, you will need to replace your carpets. If you have never replaced carpets before, you won’t be happy to know this project stirs up a lot of dust and allergens. 

Removing the carpets and vacuuming the subfloor is a dirty business and can create the need to dust the entire room. Replacing them every 5 – 15 years is not cheap and some people are bothered by the new carpet smell for weeks or months. 

“Real wood is now so popular that traditional carpeting is waning out of the picture. Although some homeowners still install carpeting in their new or renovated homes, it has its disadvantages.”


Pine Floors Do Not Develop Ruinous Stains or Hold Items

One significant problem you can avoid with pine flooring is troublesome carpet stains. No matter how careful we try to be, ugly stains and damage can occur such as:

  • Liquid spills, especially dark beverages
  • Dropping greasy foods
  • Pet feces or urination
  • Debris from shoes
  • Chemicals from hobbies

Carpets can hold staples, pins, tiny pieces of broken glass or metal, wood splinters, and other items that can cause feet and hand injuries. They can be difficult to vacuum up when stuck in the carpet fibers.

Pets Can Damage Carpeting But Are Gentle to Pine Floors

Pine floors replacementPets are wonderful for many people and can seem like family members. But pets and carpets don’t mix very well because they can create more household work. My family once bought a lovely home that was pristine except for one problem. The former owners had cats and they chewed up the carpeting. We purchased the home because the carpeting could be replaced with real pine wood flooring.

Pets generate other issues for carpets such as urinating on them and dropping dander. If you have a dog that spends time outside and rolls on the ground, its fur picks up impurities. 

When dogs lay or roll on carpeting, the impurities are spread onto the floors. Some breeds of dogs and cats shed their hair more frequently and cause more work vacuuming it up. Install pine flooring and avoid these frequent issues.

Carpets Go Out of Fashion While Pine Flooring Stays ‘IN’

When we decide to redecorate our homes like painting the walls, we may not like the paint-carpet combination. This sometimes calls for replacing the carpets with a different color, pile, or pattern. When it comes time to sell your home and the carpets are outdated, they need to be replaced. Then you face the issues of installing the wrong color, design, or pile that might turn away prospective buyers. 

All these potential carpet issues are troublesome and can be eliminated. Choose high-quality tongue and groove with the end-matching design pine floors and rest easy for a long time. Reach out to us at Woodwork Shoppe for more information on the same

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