If you desire a more authentic look for your log home, add well-made custom wood furnishings. There are many options whether you order them from a mill or make some of them yourself. Most of us live very busy lives and do not have the time, talents, or energy to make cabinets, doors, railings, and stairs.

Why not leave the construction of these items to the pros and make it easy on yourself? All you need to do is make accurate measurements, assemble, install, and apply a finish to the products. Use the time saved to get the essential structure up and running.

These additions bring a “cabin” style to the home that is missing in many houses. You will never regret dressing up your log home with our custom-made products. They are made especially for you and your home and you can be proud of that.

Kitchen and Bath Custom Cabinetry Add the “Wow” Factor

These knotty pine kitchen cabinets coordinate beautifully with the paneled walls and ceiling. To obtain this desired effect, use Timber Country Cabinetry that are custom-built, hand-crafted from the finest materials. These one-of-a-kind units are made specifically for your home at fair prices for any home budget.

Custom Cabinetry and DoorsThe knotty pine bath cabinets take on a slightly different personality with the painted drywall that shows they can be used for any style home. Both the kitchen and bath cabinets are rustic, yet elegant with a natural finish. You can also find Timber Country cabinets made from cedar, oak, maple, hand-hewn and clear pine, hickory, and aspen wood.

These quality-built cabinets can be ordered in completely customized sizes or in standard sizes.

TIP: Why pay more for custom work when you can have these at no additional charges. You get:

  • Solid-wood construction for doors, face frames, and box construction
  • Ply-boxes made from sturdy ¾” birch wood.
  • 120-pound drawer slides
  • Dove-tail joinery in knotty pine and cedar

There are many benefits of owning custom cabinets that never fade away.

Custom Interior Doors Are Superior to Those Found in DIY Stores

Custom knotty pine or cedar doors make walking into rooms a more rustic experience. Doors found in DIY stores just don’t have the charm, warmth and quality of those made especially for log homes. With this in mind, these five styles work well in any log home or business with the natural log theme.

Custom Cabinetry and Interior Doors Custom Cabinetry and Wood Doors Custom Cabinetry and 4 panel Doors
2-Panel 2-Panel Arch 4-Panel 5-Panel 6-Panel

These detailed and well-made interior wood doors are found in 1 /3/8” thicknesses and come with knock-down pre-hung jams for your convenience. Each is hand-crafted and come in standard sizes – both height and width – as well as in custom-made sizes. Select from a variety of styles to meet your home’s décor. All our doors have standard placements of hinges and doorknob holes.

“You will never regret dressing up your log home with our custom-made products. They are made especially for you and your home and you can be proud of that.”

If you want more detail, try our custom-carved and hand-painted doors in pine or cedar. Each carved door has hand relief carvings and all details are stained with your choice of colors. Don’t forget the hinges in 3 ½” heights with 5/8” radius corners that come standard in Satin Brass color. Hinges are included in the price of door jambs and additional colors can be obtained for and additional $10.00. Internal pine doors have their advantages over other types of woods.

Railings Inside and Out Look Natural

Whether you use them inside or outside your log home, custom log railings look natural.

Log railings in pine and cedar accent the interior and exterior of your home. Each rustic design is hand-crafted and made to order to meet your exact specifications and dimensions. For both stair systems and steps, give us the measurements and we will quote an accurate price.

Stock railings found in lumber yards and large box stores don’t have the detail and character ours have. We mill each element of these systems to be free of defects and hand-inspect them for high-quality. The purposes of handrails are two-fold: provide a safe handhold when going up or down stairs and a framework for the vertical spindles.

TIP: Remember that steps and handrails see a lot of foot traffic and hand use and need to be finished accordingly with a durable finish.

Custom Stairs and Steps Are Sturdy and Attractive

Notice how well these half log steps go with the railing, post, and paneled walls in this charming home. They are sturdy and durable to last for generations and look like what you expect in a log home.

You can see the natural look of these steps and how they provide a viable alternative to flat tread boards in conventional homes and cabins. Give your home an upgraded atmosphere with a part of nature. You’ll most likely get a lot of oohs and ahs with these beauties.

As with railings, give us your accurate measurements and we will create the number of steps and supports for any stairways in your house.

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