Cedar Log Siding

Cedar Home That Looks Fantastic

Cedar has long been cherished as a durable and aromatic wood used for many purposes. We see it mentioned in writing thousands of years ago in the Cedars of Lebanon used to adorn fabulous buildings. It is still used in abundance today in homes, for furniture, and on the farm.

Cedar is an evergreen tree belonging to the pine family and includes more than 30 species around the world. It has been used extensively in the past for making boxes, bowls, boats, tools, and weapons. Fragrant oil extracted from the heartwood was used to mummify bodies in ancient Egypt. Native Americans used it to repel mosquitoes. These trees exist in many parts of the U.S. today and are harvested annually by the thousands. Read on to see how cedar siding enhances your log cabin.

The Difference Between Cedar and Pine Log Siding

Cedar and Pine Log Siding Uses and Differences

Cedar Wall Paneling

At first glance Cedar resembles Pine, but upon closer examination it has more color variations depending on whether it is heartwood or a combination of heartwood and sapwood. You may see more dark mineral streaks in its formation. Cedar has many benefits and is ideal for outdoor use but costs more than Pine.

Cedar and Pine are both classified as softwoods, although both are very strong. Many woodworkers choose them because they are easier to work than typical hardwoods. Cedar tends to last longer than Pine or pressure-treated Pine. Although Pine is dimensionally stable and resists weathering, decay, and infestation, Cedar does a better job with all of these.

Beautiful Cedar wood stands out among other softwoods and hardwoods and grabs your attention. You will be proud to show off the siding inside and outside your cabin every time friends and family come over. Entertain them with pleasure and excitement in a gorgeous cabin built with high-quality Cedar.

Where Cedar Can Be Used to Enhance Your Cabin

Enhancing A Cabin Using Cedar

Fantastic Cedar 5-panel Door

Cedar can be used in many places in your log cabin construction to enhance its exterior and interior. Let’s take a closer look at the major areas:

  • The Exterior – Cedar log siding comes in quarter log, half log, and Premier D-log siding for the exterior of cabins. Chose its thickness and width to meet your personal profile preference. You will love its color to adorn the outside of your cabin.
  • The Interior – Use Cedar log siding on the interior walls of your cabin to give it the full log look without the full log price. You may also opt for rustic cedar paneling on the walls. Log cabin living is cherished by millions of people today and your cabin’s interior can be enhanced even more with Cedar log siding.
  • Corners – The outside corners of your structure can be given a simple structure or made fancier with other available corner options. Check out the different styles for the rustic appearance that fits your plans.
  • Trim – Trim and molding must be used around windows and doors on the exterior walls. You also need it inside for trimming around windows and doors, in corners, for chair rails, baseboards, and ceiling trim.
  • Interior Doors – Order custom interior Cedar doors that are 1 3/8” thick with knock-down pre-hung jambs. They are hand-crafted and available in standard sizes and can also be custom-made to your specified sizes. We have many styles available in both Cedar and Pine.
  • Stairs and Railings – Create unique Cedar log railings with custom log stairs systems. These designs are hand-crafted by our custom wood shoppe. Each of these rustic stairways is made to order to your exact specifications and dimensions. They are complete with full log stringers and half log treads. Send a floor-to-floor measurement and we will provide an estimate.
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry – Enhance your cabin with Cedar cabinets by Timber Country Cabinetry that offer hand-crafted, custom-built kitchen and bathroom units made to your specifications and layouts. You get the finest materials available and each component of wood is hand-selected for quality and beauty.

These one-of-a-kind cabinets can be ordered in standard sizes or your sizes. They are constructed with solid wood drawers, gorgeous doors and face frames, sturdy ¾” birth ply-box construction and 120-pound slides. You get an added bonus of high-quality dovetail drawer joinery for durability and strength.

Buy the Highest Quality for Best Results

Cedar Interior Siding Looks good in Kitchens too

Beautiful Cedar Kitchen

Each variety of our log siding is available in smooth, finished, unfinished, and hand-hewn finishes. Barnwood is another exterior and interior siding option that has a flat profile with a rustic looking appearance many people are looking for today.

Each piece is kiln dried for the proper moisture content and for the acceptance of stain. Each is hand-inspected for defect-free log siding you will appreciate. You can’t beat siding with tongue and groove, end-matching joints that fit tight and stay tight. Once secured with the right screws, they hold steady and help stabilize the integrity of your cabin’s structure.

We invite you to look over all our building materials and supplies to find what you need. Cedar siding is a winner for a complete cabin or the inside walls of dens, man caves, workshops, basements, garages, and much more!

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