Have you ever tried hewing logs by hand with an axe or other tools? It’s no simple feat because it takes extreme skill and safety practices. Of course, there are experts who do an efficient and masterful job of hand-hewing logs and trim. For the rest of us, we need to purchase these products from a trusted wood mill to achieve the effects we desire.

Mills that use the most modern equipment can replicate hewn logs that are difficult to tell apart from manually-hewn ones. The highest quality hand-hewn log siding is recommended to simulate full logs because they save money and look so realistic. Peeled logs, trusses, stairways, timbers, rafters, and support beams are also available from leading suppliers. The following benefits of mill-produced hewn-log siding should be appealing to you.

Pre-finished Hand-hewn Siding

Placed Side by Side, Factory-Hewn Siding Looks Like Hand-Hewn

Manufactured hand-hewn log siding takes you back in time because it simulates the authentic old-time look and feel of hand-hewn logs. Visitors and those who pass by will think the siding is real, full logs created with an axe. This realistic-looking product has a superior fit and tighter joints than making them by hand.

Family and friends alike will be impressed with the sizes, shapes, and contours of hewn log siding. Each piece can be sealed, stained to your choice of colors, and finished to provide a durable and long-lasting surface.                                                            

When maintained properly, your hand-hewn siding will look new for generations. Both pine and cedar siding are available to meet your taste preferences. You will discover more reasons to choose log siding over full logs here.

There Is Little Waste with This Product

Log Home Siding

Homeowners will save money by purchasing manufactured hewn siding because there is little waste if any. The mills have skilled workers with plenty of practice who can effectively turn a pine or cedar log into the final work-of-art product. The savings from efficient production are passed on to customers in the form of fair prices. You won’t get these affordable prices if you pay someone to hand hew your log siding with an axe.

“Mills that use the most modern equipment can replicate hewn logs that are difficult to tell apart from manually-hewn ones. The highest quality hand-hewn log siding is recommended to simulate full logs because they save money and look so realistic.”

The Product Quality Is Outstanding: Pre-finished Is Also Available

Ordering properly kiln-dried and hand-inspected hand-hewn log siding is a relatively easy process. You can purchase siding online with an iron-clad warranty that provides peace of mind. The entire production process creates the highest quality products you can find and at fair prices from our mill.

Prefinished Log Siding

Three profiles in different thicknesses and widths are available as well as matching trim:

  • Quarter Log – 2”x 6” and 2”x 8”
  • Half Log – 3”x 6” and 3”x 8” (plus 3”x 7” cedar)
  • Premier Log – 3”x 8” and 3”x 10”

All profiles are available in unfinished, smooth, hand-hewn, and pre-finished conditions. Each piece of log siding is inspected to ensure defect-free materials for your satisfaction.

Staining, Sealing, and Finishing Is Typically Easier Done

Hand-hewn Log Siding

Compared to full logs, staining, sealing, and finishing our hand-hewn log siding is an easier task.

There’s no brushing or spraying in and around cracks, loose knots, and full logs that are not completely flat in spots. The superior craftsmanship creates hewn log siding that fits snugly together with its tongue and groove/end-matching design.

We highly recommend the wood stain colors shown here known as PPG Proluxe Cetol Log & Siding finishes. Save time and effort in the application of these fine preservative and finishing products.

Where to Find the Best Products

It’s no longer necessary to call or visit several large box or DIT stores to find high-quality log home and log cabin building materials. There’s no need to sort through dozens of pieces to find enough that are straight and defect-free. Find the best hand-hewn siding online that comes with an assurance of professional work, including:

  • Siding, log trim, and log corners
  • Pre-finished log materials
  • Log trusses, beams, and rafters
  • Posts, beam covers, and post covers
  • Log railing and stairways
  • Paneling, interior trim, and pine flooring
  • Caulking, chinking, and stain products

One of our happy customers has this to say about our log siding. “Remember me? I’m the school teacher from New Jersey that purchased the quarter log 2×6 siding from the online WoodWorkers Shoppe site. The exterior of my lake home has been completed and only the interior needs some finishing touches before we move in. It looks great and we love it! Thanks once again for your help in finding the siding that was perfect for my needs.”

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