Interior Log Siding

4 Ways for Interior Log Siding

The Wood Workers Shoppe offers several interior solutions using both cedar and pine, making your next renovation easier than you might expect. Some of the most common renovation products that invoke the use of pine or cedar can include:

  • Authentic Cabinetry
  • Wood Flooring
  • Doors
  • Log Siding
  • Stairs

This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but you get the picture! The bottom line is that we have the interior log siding that you need to make your home renovation a success, especially if you’re looking for that old rustic look that only a good pine or cedar paneling solution can provide.

A Woodland Design

If you’re ready to turn your home into a prime example of rustic woodland design, you won’t be disappointed at all by our available selection.Our stock includes several amazing pieces, including the corner pieces needed to make an interior log siding installation complete. When it comes right down to it, you’ve spent a lot of money on your home, so why not make it look exactly as you want it? If you’re coming up short of ideas, however, we’re here to help you, and we’ve compiled a list detailing four different uses for interior log siding.

Interior Log Siding Design

  • Create a country kitchen by using a log siding interior design scheme in your kitchen and eating area. You can’t go wrong with the cozy atmosphere interior log siding can create in this area of your home. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen with your family, and log siding on the walls can give this area a homey feel that brings the family together.
  • Another area that would be great place for log siding interior design is in a home theater. This is an area that can be designed in a way that doesn’t necessarily match the rest of the home. This makes a home theater a great place to start. Log siding designing without impacting the overall look of your home.
  • A basement with log siding can create an extra space in your home where you can invite guests or enjoy family time. A log cabin look will give your basement a design that invites people in and makes them feel at home. A large basement area has no fear of feeling closed in when log siding is installed.
  • When you really love that log cabin feel with its warm colors and cozy feel, just take a plunge and redo your entire home with a log siding interior design. The look is trendy and homey feeling at the same time. By adding log siding to the outside as well, The Woodworkers Shoppe can transform any home into a log home!

The Woodworkers ShoppeLog homes and interior log siding design are hot trends in today’s housing market. We can help you get the look of a log home even if your home was not originally a log home. It’s easy to do. We’ll walk you through each step in choosing the correct products, trim and supplemental elements in order to make your house a home. We are the leaders in the industry for log siding, both exterior and interior. We have additional products that will help you pull together the total log cabin look. We pride ourselves in providing the best product made with the highest quality wood. It also will save you time and money.

At The Woodworkers Shoppe we have developed a design in log siding called end-match design that eliminates the need for excess cutting. No longer do you have to match up the logs to butt together at a stud. This allows you more flexibility and provides a more natural look to our siding. In addition, the amount of cutting time is cut severely saving you labor and time. The amount of waste material is practically eliminated saving you even more money. Money that can go in your pocket!

Log Siding

Want to take a look at our log siding options? Visit our website today at where you can see our vast array of products. You can also call us at 877-959-5637 for more information or to order a sample box. For just $15 you can get a sample of our most popular products and experience The Woodworkers Shoppe difference.

4 Ways Interior Log Siding