There are numerous reasons for creating a welcoming and bright entryway into your log home. Whether you plan to stay there or put your house up for sale, a front door and entrance are refreshing. Porch or no porch, spend some time and money making this part of the front of your home a treasure.

The front entryway and foyer set the tone for anyone coming into your home. Start with an amazing approach to the house, and follow up by making the entry bright and light. Next, create an inviting foyer, and give the entrance and foyer a focal point. Add some gorgeous outdoor landscaping and you will have a masterpiece.

Log Home Front Entryway

Start with the Approach to the House

A grand entryway begins at the curb or from the road. Here are some things you can do:

  • Create a sharp-looking walkway with some landscaping
  • Add some daytime and nighttime lighting
  • Create an attractive stoop, porch, or roof over the entrance
  • Add peeled posts or a timber frame shelter that also protects the front door.
  • Depending on its size, the entryway can house a bench, rocking chair, or stool
  • Edge the sidewalk and keep the grass neatly trimmed

Remove all clutter from the front and side yards to create a ‘clean’ look for the entryway. Think about adding a focal point, such as a birdbath or water fountain.

Make It Bright and Light as You Enter

Brightening Up the Front Entryway

Adequate lighting as you approach and enter the front door is inviting and understood by everyone. If you use a chandelier in the foyer, it may not be light enough to create the effect you want. You may want to add a floor or table lamp to create the effect desired.

Lighter color walls and more window space will also brighten up this area. Use your imagination to add anything to create a lighter atmosphere.

“Whether you plan to stay there or put your house up for sale, a front door and entrance are refreshing. Porch or no porch, spend some time and money making this part of the front of your home a treasure.”

Create an Inviting Foyer

Log Home Foyer

A foyer need not be grand but it should be gracious and free of clutter – on the floor, on furniture, and in the front clothes closet. Try these ideas to create a welcoming atmosphere:

  • Install closet organizers in the foyer closets
  • Keep the floor clean and polished
  • Provide a neat-looking place for shoes and boots
  • Create a color scheme that is inviting
  • Place a colorful non-slip rug on the floor
  • Place a chair or bench to sit and remove and put on shoes
  • Clad the walls with log siding or panels and stain them a warm color.

You may want to install an attractive hat rack, a few plants, and a limited amount of decorations or artwork. Use your imagination and other peoples’ ideas to shape an immaculate area for family and guests.

Give Your Entrance and Foyer a Focal Point

A focal point is anything that draws attention to a specific area or object and creates interest in it. It’s the emphasis point that forms the basis of the design of the area. In this illustration, it’s the stair railings that look like tree limbs that just came from the forest.

Focal points can be attractive colors, shapes, or designs that demand attention. They will be something remembered by all who enter the front door because they are the stars of the area. Learn more about focal points from a talented home designer.

Log Home Entryway

How About Some Landscaping

Virtually everyone loves beautiful plants, and the front walkway and lawn are no exception. Many ideas are available for creating a gorgeous environment for your entryway as well.

  • Flowers that are colorful and not too tall
  • Shrubs that have a healthy green color
  • Small trees that do not block the windows
  • Water features such as a fountain that sounds like a waterfall.
  • Stonework neatly arranged with a few plants
  • Lights that shine up toward the front door

A rocking chair, rustic bench, or any unique objects on the front porch supplement plants and trees. There are an unlimited number of elements you can add to your entryway area to make it pleasing and inviting.

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