Cedar is a classic wood going all the way back to King Solomon’s Temple. It has been prized for centuries for its pleasant aroma, beauty, color, and ease of use in woodworking projects. Many of us have admired its use as linings in closets and cedar chests. Now you can have it on the walls and ceilings of your log cabin or home.

Top Cedar Bathroom Ideas

Cedar Paneling Bathroom Remodel

Whether you install it horizontally as depicted in this great-looking bathroom, vertically, diagonally, or in a unique pattern. It is truly a fabulous wood! It is fast and easy to install, affordable, and will last for generations. Let’s explore why you should consider its use in your log cabin. Read on to find out how to add a classic touch to cabins with cedar wood paneling for walls.

Characteristics of Cedar Wood

Cedar has been prized for boat building in many countries because of its attractive colors, resistance to rot and insects, and its ease of working. Over time, its use has turned from boats, roofing shingles, and posts toward home and furniture making.

Eastern Cedar ranges from Canada to the Gulf Coast of America. It knots, mineral streaks, heartwood and sapwood colors are beautiful and rustic enough to stand out on cabin and home walls. The wood is easily sawed, sanded, and finished with stains and clear coats. It costs more than traditional Pine paneling but is well worth the cost compared to its benefits.

Benefits of Cedar Paneling

Cedar paneling is available with benefits and advantages you will appreciate, including:

  • Tongue and groove with end-matching features that save time measuring, sawing, and installing on walls and ceilings.
  • Secondly, The panels can be end-butted between joints that increase their strength and saves up to 20% in material waste.
  • You can enjoy 15% to 20% in labor savings.
  • The panels come in convenient widths, thickness, and lengths that make handling the lightweight boards easier.
  • Panels can be ordered in pre-finished condition for additional convenience and speed.
  • The paneling is placed on traditional home framing for ease of construction.
  • Only the highest quality is available from our inventory.

Its Uses In Your Cabin Are Virtually Limitless

Cedar can be used for the same applications as Pine with some exceptions.
The trees in general are not as large as Pine. Cedar beams, siding, and mantels are typically a bit smaller in size.

Cedar Wood Walls Make Unique Master Bedrooms

Give your Bedroom a Rustic Touch with Cedar

Cedar paneling looks amazing on walls and ceilings, such as in this bedroom. The room is trimmed with matching cedar and has a bed made from Cedar wood. Here are other uses you may like:

  • Firstly, Exterior and interior log siding
  • Doors, steps, and stair rails
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Kitchen and Bath cabinetry
  • Furniture and wood toys
  • Lastly, Electric boxes and arched trim

Although this video explains how to install Pine paneling. The Cedar paneling goes up the same way.

It’s Available In Pre-finished

If you’re on a tight schedule and/or don’t like painting or finishing chores, think about ordering pre-finished paneling that offers these advantages:

  • There are no delays with weather or scheduling someone to apply the finish. Your panels arrive on the job site sealed and ready to install.
  • You can save up to 50% in labor compared to finishing the wood yourself. Avoid the extra time and cost of cleaning up the mess, tools, and you don’t have to smell the odors.
  • You’ll be getting paneling that is finished to perfection in our controlled environment without any drips or runs.
  • All edges and ends are covered and the finishing products we use meet and exceed the manufacturer’s standards.
  • You can order paneling, siding, trim, molding, and corner options as well.

Think about these benefits because they are real time-savers for you and/or your contractor.

Have You Considered Cedar Cabinets?

An Exceptional and Elegant and Rustic Cedar Kitchen

Give yourself a real treat with Cedar kitchen and bath cabinets that harmonize with your walls. This amazing country-style kitchen would make any cabin owner proud. Add countertops, backsplashes and appliances. The touch of lighting and flooring helps you enjoy every minute you spend in your kitchen.

Our line of Timber Country Cabinetry offers hand-crafted, custom-built log cabin kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All of which are made to your specifications and layouts. We use the same high-quality wood as our paneling. Each component of the cabinets is hand-selected for beauty and eye-catching appeal.

You can order cabinets in standard sizes or customized sizes at no additional cost. These cedar wood kitchen cabinets are constructed with real strong 3’4” birch ply-box woods . Along with gorgeous doors, solid wood drawers, face frames, and 120-pound drawer slides. Dove-tails drawer joints add extra quality and sturdiness to every drawer.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best Quality

You won’t find the highest quality Cedar paneling and other Cedar products at your local home improvement store or lumberyard. You will find it at the WoodWorkersShoppe.com where convenience and speed of ordering are also important. We offer competitive prices that you will like and friendly service that is exceptional. Consider us for all your Cedar paneling and log cabin building needs.

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