Why Cedar May Be the Right Paneling for Your Log Home

Northern White Cedar may be the ideal paneling for your log or conventional home. If you live in an area with wide-ranging humidity and climate changes, it can be a blessing. This beautiful and durable wood fends off rot, insects, and temperature-related stresses and serves as an ideal home building material.
Wood Paneling
One of cedar’s little-known attributes is being sound resistant than many other woods which makes it ideal for bedrooms or nursery rooms. In this blog, you will learn more about its other enduring qualities, such as:

  • Self-protective qualities
  • Rustic beauty
  • Why it is a versatile wood
  • Dimensional stability
  • Insulating value

Cedar paneling is affordable for most budgets and can be installed by homeowners with basic woodworking knowledge and skills. There’s a lot to learn about Northern White Cedar paneling for home construction.

Cedar Has Self-protective Qualities That Preserve Its Lifespan

Now that you know cedar is more moisture-resistant than many other woods, you may choose it for bathrooms, kitchens, and saunas. Surveys show cedar is the #1 choice for these high moisture areas of the home. It accomplishes this with its own natural resin that also repels insects and mold.

Carpenters, contractors, and homeowners also like this wood because it dimensionally stable compared to some other woods. Cedar is a great choice for internal and external building projects in any climate. More about this desirable characteristic follows in a few paragraphs.

Paneling Made from Cedar Is Both Beautiful and Rustic

You won’t find a more beautiful wood for finishing a house than natural cedar. It has a rustic appearance that catches and holds the eye. This precious wood can be mounted on the walls:

  • Horizontally
  • Vertically
  • Diagonally
  • In a Herringbone style
  • Your unique pattern

Horizontal Wood Paneling
This amazing upstairs area has an ideal blend of cedar siding and doors combined with painted drywall. It blends a bit of the old with the new and the stained pine floor has an unparalleled rich quality. Other types of paneling wood try to match cedar’s properties but none are able to compare to its richness of grain and texture. Stain the cedar to match your home’s décor whatever it may be.

You won’t find a more beautiful wood for finishing a house than natural cedar. It has a rustic appearance that catches and holds the eye.

This Variety of Wood Is a Versatile Building Material

Cedar also has many other practical building applications that we have appreciated for decades:

  • Exterior and interior log siding
  • House trim and molding
  • Decking, fences, and posts
  • Shingles, gazebos, and sheds
  • Doors, windows, and shutters
  • Flower and garden planters
  • Closet and chest liners

Farmers and ranchers love this species of wood for their outdoor applications because it has longevity and requires little maintenance. Getting back to paneling, cedar can be purchased unfinished in 4”, 5”, and 6” widths or pre-finished in the 6” size only with high-quality coatings.

To reinforce its strength, our Northern White Cedar panels are a full ¾” inch, and since it’s a tongue and groove product, it’s fast and easy to install. It also makes a premium exterior product for porch ceilings and soffits. Northern White Cedar has the ability to retain fasteners better than the average softwood.

Cedar Paneling Has Dimensionally Stability

Herringbone style Wood Paneling

Cedar wood is a more carefree wood that offers reduced warping, cracking, or stressing compared to other woods. These are also important aesthetic qualities in rooms that are used the most often for family, friends, and guests.                                         

While other woods may warp or change size with the weather, cedar remains flat and straight which makes it ideal for interior paneling and exterior/interior log siding. The walls in this log home are visually pleasing as well as sturdy.                                               

Cedar paneling’s tongue and groove/end-matching features help maintain its structural stability. Cedar can be sealed, stained, or topped with a clear coat and retain is beautiful colors and grain configurations. You just can’t go wrong with cedar for many building applications.

Cedar Is a Porous and Light Wood with Good Insulating Value

Cedar’s natural high insulating value makes it perfect for home paneling and siding. It is a lightweight wood that is considered a softwood. These characteristics allow you to saw, sand, install, and finish much easier than hardwoods. The wood is porous enough to allow it to absorb noise. Cedar has many amazing qualities you will love for paneling.

Cedar is in high demand today because it is a prestigious and elegant type of wood that lasts a long time for finishing the interior of a cabin or home. Our tongue and groove paneling is manufactured from Northern White Cedar and comes in 4”, 5”, and 6” widths and is ¾” thick.

NOTE: Our cedar paneling is also available in pre-finished 6” size only or unfinished in all three sizes to save you time and effort.

A popular treatment for interior cedar ceilings in bathrooms is to apply a white-washing stain to brighten the room. We offer many stain colors for every cabin and home décor at fair prices. Visit our gallery of photos of homes with our paneling and siding.

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