You’ve made the decision to build your dream log cabin and you’re thinking about options for building materials. Why not consider Pine log siding for both the interior and exterior of your new structure? Here are 7 reasons to use interior pine log siding for your cabin and why so many people are using this approach:

  • You get the full log look without the full log price and drawbacks.
  • It is easy and fast to install with simple tools.
  • Pine log siding is one of the most affordable options.
  • Tongue and groove siding saves 15% to 20% in material waste.
  • You save 15% to 20% in measuring, sawing, and installation labor.
  • Homeowners with basic woodworking skills and tools can install siding.
  • Pine log siding from our inventory is superior quality to other materials and sources.
reasons to use pine log siding for cabins interior

A Pine Log-Sided Dining Room and Den with Open Concept

Get the Full Log Look Without the Full Log Price

Prefinished pine log siding

Have the Full Log Look with Log Siding

Many people have cancelled their plans to build a log cabin because it’s too expensive and time-consuming to use full logs. Now you can have your dream cabin with real Pine wood log siding that overcomes these two obstacles.

Choose one of three styles that meet your construction budget: quarter log, half log, or premier D-log. Each is a different thickness and you have a choice of widths to give the overall depth of appearance desired. Pine siding has not only the look of full logs, it has the shape, colors, and grain characteristics to please any cabin owner.

It’s Easy and Fast to Install

Because log siding can be installed on conventional house framing, it goes up much quicker than full logs. There’s no need to hire a crane and crane operator to lift heavy logs and struggle to put them in place. One person, and part of the time two people, is all that is necessary to mount the exterior and interior walls.

All you need for the project is a miter saw, measuring tape, pencil, nail gun, nails, some sandpaper, and a sander. You can order a video and samples from us at a nominal cost or watch an installation free online. If your woodworking skills are limited, watch it twice and have a friend or family member watch it with you. If you don’t know how to use a nail gun, it’s time.

An Affordable Option You Will Appreciate

To give you an idea of how affordable exterior log siding is, examine this chart for siding, trim, corners, and finish materials. A 24’ x 36’ cabin fits many peoples’ needs for a weekend getaway, summer home, or vacation home. You can see this is much less expensive than full logs.

Dimensions: 24’ x 36’ Costs
Log Siding: 3×8 Pine Hewn $5000.00
Trim: 4×4 D-Trim $600.00
Corners: 6″ Vertical $250.00
Finish: Sikkens Butternut $800.00

If your plans call for a larger one-story or story and a half home, refer to these charts or use a free cost estimate quick calculator.

Save Material Waste with Tongue and Groove Siding

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove Siding Fits Together Perfectly

Our tongue and groove siding with end-matching is a real time saver. This is a great benefit when it comes to meeting a tight schedule or when you have limited manpower. Old-style Pine log siding without tongue and groove wastes too much material and puts a strain on the budget. It needs end-butting on studs to make good tight joints from one board to the next. The spliced joint shows nail or screw heads that are unsightly and unnatural looking.

The end-result of tongue and groove is less wasted wood and less left-over material to haul away. If you attempt to install siding that is not tongue and groove, you will end up adjusting your cabin’s size to meet the length of the siding boards.

Save 15% to 20% on Time and Labor

In addition to saving material, you can save up to 20% on time and labor with our high-quality Pine log siding. You will save in these ways:

  • Less measuring on each board
  • Reduced time spent sawing planks to length
  • Requires Less time installing each piece of siding
  • The extra time it would have required trying to make the walls flat at joints
  • Less time cleaning up afterward
  • Save much more time by ordering pre-finished siding

Homeowners with Necessary Skills Can Install It

Installing Pine Log Siding - DIY

DIY Pine Log Siding Installation

DIYers can save thousands by installing the siding, trim, and corners themselves. All it takes is basic woodworking knowledge and skills, including:

  • Using a measuring tape accurately
  • Setting up and using a miter saw
  • Using the right size nail gun
  • Screwing the log siding in place
  • Staining and finishing wood
  • Watch this video on installing window and door trim

(If you can’t do the work yourself, you can always hire a carpenter or contractor)

Buy Superior Quality Pine Siding for Best Results

Don’t worry about buying quality Pine log siding from the WoodWorkers Shoppe because each piece is hand-inspected for quality and defects. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our siding, trim, corners, and finishing materials like all our other customers.

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