3 Things Log Siding brings when choosing an exterior log look for your home or cottage.

The exterior of your home is critical not only for getting the look that you want but also for creating lasting value and comfort within your home. The right siding can increase curbside appeal and the ultimate value of your home, and quality materials can ensure durability and energy efficiency.

If you’re planning a remodel or even if you’re just exploring your options for the future, then these are three important elements to consider when choosing rustic log siding and exterior trim.

Aesthetic Appeal

Although aesthetics is only one element in the remodel process. It is still important that your rustic log siding looks good and that it has lasting appeal. Wood siding and exterior trim can offer a traditional look, and with rustic exterior siding from The Woodworker’s Shoppe, you will be able to take advantage of modern developments in timber processing and siding manufacturing.

Log siding can be purchased in different sizes and even with hand-hewn finishes, to get the look that you desire. Quarter siding is an economic solution that has less depth and can create a more modern look. Premier log siding has a deeper profile, creating dramatic depth that is more reminiscent of a classic log home. Siding is produced with tongue and groove lengths and ends to ensure perfect seams and easier installation.

Using rustic exterior wood siding means that you can complement the look with matching wood trim. This Allows for an authentic log home that is both beautiful and completely sealed.

Energy Efficiency

3 Things Log SidingModern homes can be more energy efficient than ever before, but not every material is created equal. While insulation plays a major role in making your home energy efficient. Choosing wood siding can also help to reduce your energy costs by helping to keep your interior temperatures regulated. Cedar log siding is made from the most energy efficient timber used in construction. Northern White Cedar has a high thermal rating value, which means that it is more difficult for heat to pass through the material. Cooling your home in the summer using central air or an air conditioner. You’ll be able to keep the cool air inside using log siding. During the winters, the high thermal efficiency will ensure that the warmth is kept in your home.

With log siding and exterior trim, you’ll have an efficient seal between indoor and outdoor environments. Not only will maintaining internal temperatures be more affordable. You’ll also reduce the energy that is used to cool and warm your home. Looking to create the most ‘green’ house possible? Then choosing highly efficient renewable materials is a choice that you’ll feel good about making.

Simple and Affordable Installation

Understanding the elements of energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, there’s one more that you should consider when choosing your building or renovation materials: ease of installation.

We’ve mentioned that our rustic exterior siding uses an innovative tongue and groove solution. This is a critically important factor to consider when thinking about simple and affordable installation. Rustic log siding can be installed with fewer materials and less labor when you choose tongue and groove products. Whether you’re taking on the project yourself, or hiring contractors, the easy installation of tongue and groove siding will mean a faster job that ends up costing less.

Tongue and groove paneling doesn’t just save time and materials, but it allows for a uniform appearance that is as close to seamless as possible. Your home will have the aesthetic of a traditional log home, without the potential movement of the wood. Even if you are hiring a contractor to install our rustic log siding and exterior trim, they’ll appreciate working with high-quality materials that incorporate modern installation methods.

Build or Renovate with the Best Materials for a Modern Log Home

Understanding the most important elements of materials selection. Make it clear that a modern log home can be beautiful. As well as more energy efficient, and easier to build. If you’re ready to take the next step in your project, then it’s time to take a look at the wood trim and siding from The Woodworker’s Shoppe.

3 Things Log Siding