interior wood sidingWhen one thinks of a clubhouse, they often think of a child’s playroom, of sorts, but what so many people forget, is that a club house can be used for golf clubs, meeting places, and just about any other group that meets on a regular basis. So, what kind of club do you have? Is it a swimming club? A gentleman’s club? A hunting cub? There are so many possibilities, but if you’re looking to create a truly impressive interior, then you might really want to consider going with interior wood wall paneling.

You can create a pretty amazing rustic aesthetic with minimal work. Now wait a minute, what do we mean when we say minimal work? Installing interior wood siding is kind of a chore, isn’t it? As it turns out, The Wood Worker Shoppe has really gotten a handle on it with some of the best white cedar and pine solutions in the industry. If you take a look at the products available right here in our store, you will be glad to find that they come in several different varieties which include widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8”, allowing you to implement any sort of design, appropriate for any type of room you can imagine. Your clubhouse will soon be complete with the best interior wood wall paneling the industry has to offer.

Our Product, Your Clubhouse

As you’re building your clubhouse there are a ton of things that are going to take quite a bit of time, but let’s be honest here, the interior siding doesn’t have to take that long. In fact, with our end matching system you can put the siding up very quickly, without professional assistance, and within a few days, you’ll have the beautiful interior that you’ve always wanted.

Set Up your Interior

There is much more to setting up your clubhouse interior than just paneling, but if you’re here there’s a good chance that you already know that. Let’s talk about doors, for example. If you’re going to have interior wood wall paneling, then you might as well go all the way and install a few good doors – it’s a great way to make sure that your interiors match.

As far as doors are concerned, we have everything from the typical 2-panel insert to the 4 panel which is more suitable for interior doors. If you really want to take it to the next level and get something a bit more rustic, the K-door brings a more personal touch to your clubhouse, definitely making that interior more memorable.

Typical Use

The Wood Worker ShoppeBefore you can really choose the type of interior that you will be installing, you have to ask yourself this very important question: what will your clubhouse most often be used for? If you’re going to be hosting dinners, then you can probably go with the typical pine paneling, as this is inexpensive, light, and quite durable in most situations. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of building a swimming club complete with a pool, we would definitely recommend that you go with one of our white cedar options and a good finish. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to talk to us about it. You club is a sacred space and you need to make sure it looks good.

More for Less

Not only is our interior wood wall paneling easy to install, it’s actually much less expensive than many other interior siding types. Pine paneling is a great solution for nearly any interior, and you get a lot more of it for a lot less. If you’ve never used it before, then now would definitely be a great time to start adapting it to your next big project whether it’s a new construction or a complete renovation. Pine paneling is much prettier than drywall, and you will be glad to hear that it lasts much longer as it is less susceptible to mold growth and other factors that typical drywall paneling might experience.

Wood paneling for your clubhouse interior is one of the best decisions that you will ever make, so don’t pass it up!