Do you enjoy the barn wood look of wood paneling? This type of wood paneling has a rustic appearance to it which is very charming. The wood siding has the appearance of wood aged and weather by the elements for many years. In fact, many people install a barnwood interior in their home for an old world charm.

Why Barn Wood Paneling is Convenient

barn wood panelingBarnwood interiors are widely popular. As an interior decoration for your walls you’ll notice how rustic and charming it appears. The only downside is being able to install a barnwood interior that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to install. At The Woodworkers Shoppe we believe you should decorate your home the way you want too.

While barn wood is rustic, and the appearance of bearing bad weather for many years is certainly impressive. The boards themselves can be less than ideal. It’s why we offer some of the best looking boards that look like real barn wood. This means no ripping or cutting to get usable pieces, moldy smells, sorting, or nail pulling.

When you’re looking for barn wood too, you don’t know how clean it is. With our barnwood interior paneling, you know it’s clean and ready to go from the start. All you have to do is place the board, nail it, and you’re done. It’s quick, efficient, and super easy too. Meaning you don’t have to worry about any funny smells or mold that may affect your household when you install the boards in. A clean and quick install also means you can save time and money searching for the proper barn wood panels to match your home. Less hassle, cleaner install, and it’s quicker too.

What Rooms are Great for Barn Wood Panels for Your Home?

barn woodWhen you’re finally getting ready to install your barnwood interior in your home, picking out the best room to do the install can be exciting. These barn wood panels can go great in a number of rooms. Such as a man cave, bedroom, bar area, basement, pole barn, or even the garage. You can place them on the walls or ceiling too if you want! Barn wood panels looks excellent as trim around windows and doors as well.

Why would you want panels that look like barn wood in your home though? For one, barn wood can give your home a cozy and warm feeling. It’s a fun design that’s very rustic, and has been around for a while. While barn wood is not flashy or as colorful as other designs, it makes up for that with character. It’s a great rustic wood paneling for walls, ceilings, and floors. For a long time barn wood has been associated with keeping a barn safe, clean, and dry for barn yard animals. How the barn wood is shaped is determined by the elements like wind, rain, and sunshine.

What Do Your Barn Wood Panels Look Like?

barn wood interior panelsOur barn wood is safe for your home. It’s an eco-friendly product that has a water base low VOC finish. Along with having a smoky dark stain appearance with silver and white undertones mixed in. This enhances the appearance of the wood grain so you can enjoy the rustic appearance aged barn wood usually has.

Our paneling is made using 1×8 red pine that has been sawed and kiln dried in our own mill. We put the wood through a special process to give the new wood an aged appearance. This means the wood gains a lot of character and texture that barn wood is known for having. The wood is also tongue and grooved on the ends and sides for easy application. This means there is up to 20% less labor needed for installation, and up to 20% less material is wasted.

We even offer matching trims with square edges in 1×4 and 1×5 if you want to trim your chair rail, baseboard, doors, or windows with barn wood. If you prefer the gentler, and rounded edge trim. We offer a round over casing and baseboard in barn wood finish. We even offer outside and inside the corners as well. You only need the minimal experience to install them, and can still enjoy the superior quality of our wide variety of wood products.

At the moment we’re also happy to announce we’re having a 10% off sale for all of our barn wood paneling. So you get to save even more on your new barnwood interior. We hope you also look over our other high quality wood products too.