Living in a modular home can provide you with a number of advantages; some of which are practical, and some economical. However, just like any conventional home, you’ll want your modular home to feel welcoming and comfortable while looking great on both the outside and inside. Many of the upgrades that you can perform on a conventional home are also possible on a modular home, and one of the best options is to install new interior wood siding.

While some people only consider siding as an exterior option, this material can work great indoors and helps to add depth and texture to your walls. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can get from using interior wood siding for mobile homes from The Woodworker’s Shoppe.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Wood SidingModular homes often use sparse decoration, and costs are cut when materials are selected for the fit out. Even with luxury and relatively expensive modular homes, the internal finishing is usually not comparable to a freestanding permanent home. By using interior wood siding, you can add value to a modular home. Whether you are getting ready to sell, or if you simply want to make an investment that will provide value in the long term, installing our log siding for mobile homes is a unique renovation project that’s sure to look great.

Aesthetic Appeal is Increased

Raising the value on your modular home is not just about the materials that you choose. While you will need quality and hard wearing materials, you’ll also need ones that are visually appealing. Looks are sometimes just as important as long-term durability, so it’s important that you choose materials that offer the best of both worlds.

Choosing interior log sidings like pine and cedar log cabin siding for mobile homes will mean that you’re getting lasting materials that have also been designed for visual impact. Our interior wood siding creates a warmer feel within any home and adds a look of handcrafted workmanship. Your modular home might be prefabricated, but by adding quality interior wood siding from the Woodworker’s Shoppe, it will look and feel like it was designed and built by master craftsmen.

Interior Wood Siding is Affordable

If you have previously avoided renovations simply because you thought the cost would be unreasonable, then it’s time to take another look. Siding is slightly more expensive than using inferior composite paneling or even paint, but it provides better value in the long term. Wood siding can last for decades, and can even last for the lifetime of your modular home in the right conditions. While the initial investment might be more than other options, the long-term durability means that you end up paying less over the lifetime of your home.

Even though log siding can cost more than some alternative finishing methods, the costs are still reasonable, and you’ll get the best offers when you choose a large manufacturer/supplier that uses economies of scale to offer excellent pricing. This is exactly what you’ll find at the Woodworker’s Shoppe, so take a look at our store and sale items to see just how affordable your modular home renovations could be.

Interior Siding Could be a Great DIY Project

If you want to take on a rewarding project, then you could even install interior siding yourself. Our system has been designed to provide an excellent final look, while still retaining a relatively simple installation method. Siding can be precut and prefinished and uses a special tongue and groove system that allows for each individual piece of siding to slide perfectly into the next. This system reduces the need for nailing to stud patterns on your wall, so time and materials are reduced. Material waste is also reduced, which further helps to increase the value in our products.

Even if you don’t have the time to install siding yourself, your contractor costs will be reduced and anybody that you hire will appreciate the ease of installing Woodworker’s Shop log siding.

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Take a quick look through our site and you’ll see numerous examples of where our timber siding and paneling products have been used in homes of various sizes. As will be fairly evident, the quality and appeal of the finished results are second to none. Whether your ultimate goal is to raise the value of your home, or if it’s simply to make it more enjoyable and comfortable, you will get nothing but satisfaction from choosing affordable interior log cabin siding for your mobile home.