interior pine panelingWhen you want a home that feels contemporary and luxurious, but still makes use of classic materials, then you won’t find many better options than timber paneling. Adding prefinished tongue and groove pine paneling can give your home a truly unique feel, which will be reminiscent of the mountain and early settler homes that were once typical throughout the United States. At The Woodworkers Shoppe, we provide high quality prefinished tongue and groove pine paneling, which would be great throughout your house, especially in your master bedroom.

Why You Should Use Pine Panels for Your Home

In modern homes, timber is sometimes avoided as a wall cladding material. This is often because homeowners aren’t aware of the relative simplicity that there is to installing interior pine paneling. Working with pine doesn’t mean that you’re going to spend exorbitant amounts of money on timber and contractors. Paneling of this type is also easy to maintain, so installing it doesn’t mean that there’s any more upkeep required than painted drywall or wallpapering. In fact, our prefinished tongue and groove pine paneling is one of the easiest wall coverings to maintain, because when you purchase from us, you get prefinished pine that will last for decades. In many cases, the panels will last the lifetime of your home. You couldn’t say the same about a coat of paint. This makes pine paneling a smart investment, and one that will keep on providing value.

Interior Pine Paneling is Elegantly Beautiful

Any time that you use wood in your home, you will create natural looking spaces that immediately feel comfortable and warm. For the bedroom, this is especially important. Having pine walls in your bedroom will be a step up in elegance. You will have the old world charm, with the modern convenience of tongue and groove paneling. Because of the tongue and groove system, each panel will be perfectly aligned. Our panels are expertly engineered, so there are no uneven surfaces, and there will be no gaps in the joins.

Our prefinished tongue and groove pine paneling will work perfectly if you use natural timber furniture. The look will complement your bedroom suite, and create a welcoming place that you will love to relax in. If your home makes good use of natural light, then the paneling will help to bring out the beauty of your home. With the right light fixtures and interior decorating, you will have a bedroom that feels like a luxury suite, and you will look forward to coming home to it every single day.

Prefinished Tongue and Groove Pine Paneling is an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Any time that you are building a new home or even remodeling, environmental sustainability will be a consideration in the materials that you choose. Pine panels for your home make use of a renewable resource that is hard wearing and long lasting. The fact that it can last for the lifetime of your home, means that installing these panels will reduce your own impact on the environment. The timber industry is renewable, so there’s very little waste in the production process. Because these panels use a tongue and groove system, there’s also very little waste when it comes to installation. This is a huge advantage when compared to traditional timber installation methods. Our prefinished tongue and groove pine paneling also means that you will save time and cost on installation. You won’t need to paint or stain the panels because they come ready to use. This means less labor, without compromising on the look of your new wall covering system.

Another thing that you will love about our paneling is that it won’t warp or crack with age. The finish is of the highest quality, so you will also avoid any unsightly staining or discoloration. Our products use a satin finish that is exquisite to the touch, and this finish also allows you to fully appreciate the look of natural timber.

The Best Place to Have Pine Panels Done for Your Home

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right place to purchase your prefinished tongue and groove pine paneling. At The Woodworkers Shoppe, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality materials, which have been manufactured in a way that makes things easier for you. You have the convenience of ordering online, which takes out the time and stress that you could have if you were to visit milling wholesalers and retailers to find the best deals. You will find the best pricing through our online store, and we also provide a handy coverage chart so that you’ll know exactly how much you need to order.

Choose to create a home that has the classic beauty of timber, while using the convenience of tongue and groove paneling. Browse today to view all of our products, and view our galleries for some inspiration when you’re thinking about your own bedroom project.