High Quality Pine PanelingWood paneling can make your home feel like you’re in the modern frontier. Wood gives a sense of comfort, warmth, and a quietness no other building material can truly achieve. Prefinished pine paneling in particular is a popular choice due to its high quality finish that seals in on the face and all edges which eliminates shrink lines on the wood. This high grade finish gives the wood a durable, satin sheen that is smooth to the touch too.

Our Paneling is Easy to Install

There are many benefits for choosing The Woodworkers Shoppe as your supplier for all of your wood paneling needs. We have an innovative tongue and groove paneling that makes for easy installation and zero waste. With traditional pine wall paneling, you may have to saw off the ends of the boards in order to get them to fit together correctly. This can mean a greater cost for labor, materials, and time to install each board. With our innovative technology you cut down on the costs of installing your desired pine wall paneling, and can rest easy knowing you’re not wasting unnecessary wood too.

The Best High Quality Pine Paneling We Have to Offer

Here at the Wood Worker Shoppe, we believe in quality over quantity. We believe when you purchase wood paneling, it should be of the highest quality available. Our pine wall paneling is not only easy to install, but you save money too. You can see firsthand how our wood paneling can stand the test time including warping, cracks, yellowing, and retaining its fine, glossy finish for many years to come.

Many people enjoy using pine paneling for their homes due to their durability and modern frontier design. This is because pine is an attractive material that can bring out the character of any home and has developed a reputation for being easy to work with.  In the years 1946-1962, knotty pine saw a rise in popularity, and has even appeared in many mid-century homes. The choice of pine as a building material fell for a few years, but has seen a recent rise in popularity.

Prefinished Pine Paneling is a Respected Material Due to being an Early American Decor

There’s a reason pine wood is so popular and that’s because it’s native to North America. It’s been a popular decorative material for homes because it’s so abundant, especially in the early days of the Colonial time period in North America. During these early years, pine wood was used widely as a building material for decades. The 1980s saw a huge rise in popularity for pine paneling, and ever since it’s continued to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Many people enjoy the look of pine simply because it looks nice too. Pine paneling is fun to decorate with on the inside since it gives any home a cozy warm glow no other wood paneling can replicate. Our pine wall paneling also has the additional effect of not feeling oppressive either, and can even make the smallest of spaces feel a bit more open too. It also pairs well with modern décor and other wood paneling options.

Interior Pine Paneling at a Price You’ll Love

High Quality Pine PanelingWe understand the need to shop around for the best deals, and many people compare prices to see which company will give them the best deal. Here at The Woodworker Shoppe, we believe in giving our customers the best prices available to go along with the highest quality in the industry. Our paneling has a larger coverage or stack height per board than our competitors. When you’re comparing prices, be sure to ask about square foot pricing. Many of our competitors will try to fool you with lineal foot pricing, and this means you’re getting less coverage for your wood paneling. You can also check out the prefinished wood paneling we have on sale too.

We love furnishing our customers with the best deals and high quality products. On our website, you can receive a free price quote for your wood paneling. We understand having to work around a budget, and we will do everything we can to make sure you get a great deal without breaking the bank. Our Woodworker’s Shoppe team are made up of some of the most pleasant people you’ll come across. We’ll work with you from the beginning until it’s finished installed in your home or project.

Depending on your location and order, you may even be eligible for our free freight option, click here for details to see if you qualify. We look forward to doing business with you soon and in the future.