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 Log Trim Options

Offering a large selection of Log Accents to complete any home. 

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Quarter Log Siding Trim            Half Log Siding Trim   


2x6 D-Trim        3x4 D-Trim                    3x6 D-Trim       4x4 D-Trim      

Check out our D-Trim installation video:  Hi Speed or Dial Up

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Door & Window Trim


Log Siding Electrical Boxes - singles, doubles, triples, and light
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Custom Arched Trim - crafted to your window or door specs



Trim for Paneling or Drywall

Half Log D-Trims


2x4 D-Trim and 2x6 D-trim


Knotty Pine Base and Casing


Colonial                  Three Bead                  Round-over 
                                                                          ...also available Prefinished        



3bead1.jpg (35589 bytes)   3bead2.jpg (34534 bytes)        


Miscellaneous Interior Trims



      Crown Mold & Colonial Chair rail        Ceiling Trim & 3 Beaded Chair rail   


  Quarter Round, Cove, & Base Shoe          Outside & Inside Corner                 



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