best log siding for homeWhen you think of log cabin style siding you automatically think ‘rugged’. Seriously, that’s the implication of it and you can’t help but have your mind go there. So what does that mean for you exactly? It means that by using log cabin style siding, you’re taking your home back to a much more interesting period and you’re giving it an aesthetic that reminds of that old frontier lifestyle. When you were a kid, didn’t you want to live in a log cabin? Our generation may in fact be the last one that played the whole ‘cowboys and Indians’ thing to be perfectly honest.

The next generation might not be big fans of the rustic look but you know what? We’re still here and it’s going to look absolutely fantastic on your tree stand. But wait, we just went into some really odd territory, so you’re probably sitting there thinking either “Wow that’s an outstanding idea!” or you’re saying “What does he mean, tree stand?”

Building the Perfect Tree Stand with Log Cabin Siding

Log Cabin SidingThe Woodworkers Shoppe is a well known provider of some of the best log siding for home in the industry, but you don’t have to put log cabin style siding on your home. Sure it’ll look great, and it will definitely make your home look like a log cabin, but you have to think about your tree stand, especially if you’re a hunter. When you think of a tree stand there is a good chance that you’re thinking of a simple platform that sits in the tree while you’re exposed to the elements. Guess what, if you own the property, you can do a lot better than that!

One of the coolest things that you can do when it comes to designing a tree stand is to create a literal tree house that resembles a log cabin, insulated and stocked with supplies to sustain you for the entire day. Let’s be honest here, if you’re going to sit in a tree for twelve hours, wouldn’t you much rather do it in a warm house rather than an open air platform? We know we would, and while you’re stocking the inside you should definitely start to think about the outside.

A Rugged Exterior

Wood Workers ShoppeHistorically, hunters who have created their own tree houses in lieu of tree stands have used plywood for the exterior for the sake of expedience but there are several advantages to using log cabin style siding. First of all, it’s better protection from the elements; plywood is far too porous and it will begin to buckle within the first year or less depending upon the amount of weather exposure it sees.

Secondly it’s just going to look better. It’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to see many other hunters out there, especially if you own the property, but on the off chance that someone does drop by, you want them to see something utterly amazing, and log cabin siding is going to fit the bill.

Accessories from The Wood Workers Shoppe

The Wood Workers Shoppe has plenty of products and most importantly, we have the accessories you need to make your perfect tree stand look great inside and out. From serious molding options to interior paneling and even designs that will make your interior look a little more rugged  – it’s time to start planning your ultimate tree stand, and definitely time to shield yourself from the elements with our log cabin style siding. If you are an avid hunter then you already know that winter is on the way and you may have just enough time to start building your tree stand – or tree house, however you want to put it.