Pine has a beautiful, clean look for homes that want to give off a rustic, welcoming feel. It is also elegant enough for upscale luxury homes that want to look elegant and sophisticated. Its versatility makes its an excellent choice for paneling indoors and outdoors. Finding the right knotty pine wood paneling makes the difference when building or renovating for an authentic looking home.

The way to achieve the coveted weathered knotty pine paneling look is to seek out knotty pine tongue and groove plywood from a reputable company. The importance of a reputable company is everything, as you are investing time and money into your home by putting the beautiful paneling in. The Woodworker’s Shoppe has the highest grade wood on the market to add value to your home. Read more about what types of rustic pine paneling we have to offer and ways to incorporate it into your home.

About Our Knotty Pine Wood Paneling

The Woodworker’s ShoppeOur rustic pine paneling comes in widths of 4, 5, 6, and 8 inches at ¾” thick. The lengths of the boards vary so you can place them together snuggly at the corners and ceilings. Unfinished panels allow you to stain the wood yourself with your choice of stain, while finished panels make for a quicker job once your shipment arrives.

Aside from plywood paneling, we also have new beadboard 1×4’ pine paneling that can be installed on the walls as well. The beautifully cut pieces can cover the entire wall, just the lower wainscot area, or the area above the wainscot. This type of paneling can be incorporated into different rooms of your home to break up having just the knotty pine wood paneling.

We have installation videos on our website, as well as a dedicated customer service team ready to help answer any of the installation questions you may have.

Advantages of Tongue and Groove Paneling

Our knotty pine wood paneling comes with tongue and groove paneling as a convenience for you. You will notice that there is a significant difference between using straight cut boards versus tongue and groove cut boards. Straight cut boards may fit together during application, but over time wood begins to shrink and change due to the elements or age. With tongue and groove paneling, the groove is cut slightly larger than the tongue extends to account for any shrinkage or expansion of the wood.

Tongue and groove paneling is essential for not having to replace your paneling often. Our rustic pine paneling also helps to eliminate waste; each board is “end matched,” which saves you installation time, excess materials, and money. We have estimated that customers save around 20% in material waste, and end matching also reduces the number of cuts you need to make in our rustic pine paneling.

Ways to Showcase Vintage Inspired Knotty Pine Paneling

Knotty Pine PanelingThere are several options for incorporating rustic pine paneling into your home:

Wall to Wall Paneling

Wall to wall paneling will give your home the complete log cabin look. You have the option of staining the wood light or dark, which will change the atmosphere of the room. This type of rustic pine paneling features our tongue and groove cut boards for easy application.

Knotty pine paneling can cover larger rooms easily. The beadboard paneling can be used horizontally or diagonally for wall to wall paneling as well. Its unique design is perfect for smaller bedrooms, bathrooms, or office areas.

Wainscot Paneling

The beadboard paneling looks great as wainscot, with the top of the wall being more paneling, painted drywall, or wallpaper. Wainscot gives you the opportunity to keep the log cabin look fluid throughout your home while incorporating some color or a different wallpaper pattern. This also looks great in smaller rooms, halls or bathrooms.

Trim and Baseboard

Trim and baseboard put the finishing touches on a room and conceal any unsightly areas from the wall to the floor or ceiling. There are different styles such as colonial, three bead, and round over that fit with the design of the room without overpowering it. Trim can go around windows and doorways. Crown molding and ceiling trim is available to elegantly cap wall to ceiling areas.

Our Shoppe Provides the Solutions

If you provide the ideas, then our Woodworker’s Shoppe will provide the lumber and paneling solution that will make your rustic vision come alive. We have showrooms and distributors scattered throughout the United States in accessible areas, and an online store as well that has everything ready to ship. Our excellent customer service team can assist you with placing your order so that it will conveniently arrive to your home. We are the country’s leading wood paneling company and are committed to meeting the needs of every customer.