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Data Sheets, & Catalog & Brochure

Videos – informational videos for customers, contractors, and installation procedures.

Customer Video- featuring customer testimonials

Contractor Video- featuring contractor testimonials

Installation Videos- featuring log siding, paneling, trim, corners, and more

NOTE: The individual videos for the Log Siding, Paneling, Corners, and D-trim applications are available on their designated pages. Please note that these are interior application examples in these videos and not the same techniques are to be used for exterior applications.

Data Sheets – profiles, installation, fastener schedules, and measuring.

Installation – “Log Siding”
Installation – “Paneling”
Installation – “Log Mantle”
Installation – “Saddle-Notch Corners”
Profiles – “Quarter Log Siding”
Profiles – “Half Log Siding”
Profiles – “Premier Log Siding”
Profiles – “Log Trim”
Fastener Recommendations
“Sikkens” Application Guide
How to – Measure for Paneling & Log Siding
The Woodworkers Shoppe Delivery Policy

Brochures & Catalog


d&p.ht3Brochure – Any Home Can Be a Log Home – PDF(0.5MB)


installationCatalog – Skyline Woods Log Home Products part1- PDF(3.5MB)
Catalog – Skyline Woods Log Home Products part2- PDF(2.5MB)
Catalog – Skyline Woods Log Home Products part3- PDF(2.7MB)


installationBrochure – Timber Country Cabinetry Outside Page – PDF(.5MB)
Brochure – Timber Country Cabinetry Inside Page – PDF(.5MB)

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