The Wood Workers Shoppe is an industry leader in prefinished pine paneling. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to beautify any restaurant, eatery or commercial establishment. In fact, pre-stained knotty pine paneling features a high-quality finish that is sealed on the face and all the edges. This helps eliminate any ugly shrink lines while securing a glassy smooth and aesthetically-pleasing design. This professional grade finish also has a durable, non-yellowing – satin sheen finish that adds true class to any restaurant or eatery.

Tongue and Groove Paneling

Like all our eco-friendly real wood paneling, the prefinished tongue and groove paneling is end-matched for zero waste. In fact, Skyline Woods END-MATCH is our own innovative and cutting-edge tongue and groove paneling design. These are on the ends of paneling boards – and our services – have truly revolutionized the industry over the last 20 years!

At The Woodworkers Shoppe, we are committed to providing excellence in all real wood paneling for eateries, restaurants, and bars. In fact, our services continue to be heralded for securing timely deliverable and high-grade materials. There is also no need to butt our end-match paneling or siding on studs. In fact, you can do away with old school 12 & 16-foot lengths – along with warping, cracks and loose knots. No more cutting each edge to a square them off to fall on studs, as well as other time-consuming techniques. We are literally able to save you 15-20% on labor – due to our signature end-matching. This significantly reduces the amount of measuring and cutting on each job. You also have less material to waste and a perfect finish for your restaurant paneling – each and every time!

The Benefits of Prefinished Real Wood Paneling

By choosing the Pre-finished paneling that we offer, you will save an additional 50% over the costs of hiring a painter to do the job. You never have to worry about paying expensive fees for extra labor time as well. We also guarantee the highest quality of wood grains, wood products, and finishes. Whether for new or existing restaurants, here are some more benefits of pre-finished paneling for your commercial establishments:

  • No more hiring expensive painters or contractors for pine paneling and finishing jobs.
  • We feature the best wood grains, wood products, finishes, and free service estimates.
  • Get the best real wood paneling for your home, office, restaurant or café.
  • We feature a range of pre-finished paneling; knotty pine paneling, interior pine paneling, cedar paneling and much more.

The Best Quality Real Wood Paneling

If wondering where to get tongue and groove paneling done? Go no further than the Wood Workers Shoppe. We simply offer the best materials for knotty pine paneling – for homes and businesses. With quality craftsmanship, workmanship and a strong eye for detail – we can truly beautify and enhance your entire residential or commercial establishment. Why spend countless dollars on hiring painters and contractors when the experts are just a phone call away? At the Wood Workers Shoppe, we feature the following for your convenience:

  • The best wood and products – Pine, Cedar and Barnwood
  • We do provide Free Quotes and Estimates

Get the Best Results

Our convenient online store features a wide array of wood paneling items and accessories. With user-friendly features and order, you can get all the items you need across the board. We can also send you our product brochure, DVD, and log siding samples. If you need professional paneling for your businesses or home, the Wood Workers Shoppe will meet all your needs and desired results. Simply contact us today for more information or visit our site. You can also find us on Facebook with great customer reviews.