knotty pine paneling for saleSometimes, changing the look of your home is not always straightforward. You could go for the traditional drywall interior, which is definitely a popular option, but maybe, just maybe you want to try something a little bit different, and who could blame you? When you walk into your home, the home that you’ve built, (or purchased) you want to look at it, and you want to know that it is unique. You could do that by adding a modern twist to it, or you could choose our knotty pine wood paneling. The rustic look is always going to be popular, and with good reason.

After all, who doesn’t like the idea of equipping their home to look more like a hunting lodge or a log cabin from the days of old? The one thing that might be holding you back from doing this however, is the price, and most importantly, the difficulty involved in getting it done. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you think, and it won’t be long before our knotty pine wood paneling changes your life, as well as your home interior forever.

Here at The Woodworker’s Shoppe and Skyline Woods, we take pride in our product, and your satisfaction. Our knotty pine wood paneling comes with tongue and grooves and are end matched for zero waste for the easy installment for the beginner, and expert, DIY builder.  What are its advantages in the zero waste? Well, our tongue and groove pine paneling is hand selected, and inspected for the highest quality; it is not just some basic production paneling found in home centers or large lumberyards, where you would have to worry about saw shavings or the need to butt our end-matched paneling on studs.

Our tongue and groove pine paneling results in 15-20% labor savings and up to 20% less material waste, which makes it easy for the beginner do it yourself builder and designer to handle. We have a selection of knotty pine wood paneling options available, including pine panels that are 3/4″ thick and in widths of 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ (unfinished or prefinished). In addition, our cedar paneling is 3/4″ thick and available in 4″, 5″ and 6″ (prefinished in 6″ size only). The individual paneling boards are available in our online store, and several locations throughout the United States, as well as Canada.

DIY Tips and Information

Now, how can our knotty pine wood panels really work for you, for your DIY project? Our tongue and groove pine paneling is end-matched, which means it’s engineered to save you labor and time. The only measuring needed would be for the last piece in a row, and that leftover piece would be used to start a new row, which will hide the nails with the tongue locking the boards in place. So, if you find the sight of nails unappealing, you won’t even notice them. If you’re worried about moisture in our product and reduction, our wood has been kiln dried to the following moisture content which will result in little or no product shrinkage: Paneling 6-8%, Quarter Log Siding and Decking 8-12%, and Half Log Siding 10-14%. Our tongue and groove pine paneling has been sorted and inspected, with any imperfections removed, making certain that every piece of wood is a high quality, usable product, which will guarantee longevity and beauty.

Pricing for Tongue and Groove Pine Paneling

knotty pine paneling for saleOur knotty pine paneling for sale packages cover several different ranges (it’s totally up to you) and our pre-finished paneling has our unique tongue-n-groove design on the ends of the paneling boards as well as the length. You do not need to butt-end matched paneling or siding on a stud, which significantly reduces the amount of measuring and cutting in each job.

The standard paneling is 8 feet, but there are a random assortment of shorter pieces you can choose from. These smaller pieces mix in well and give your paneling an overall desirable look. We guarantee superior quality, fit, and beauty in our tongue and groove pine paneling and all of our wood products, with superior quality that will give you a home interior that will stand the test of time.

The great thing about the pre-finished paneling is once you nail it up and you’re done!  We even have discounted knotty pine paneling that stars at $1.02 per square foot, and to insure you receive a premium product, we look at every piece of paneling we make and cut out the natural imperfections in the wood. This process is called “defecting” and it leaves us with some very nice random lengths of knotty pine wood paneling.