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Sale Price

Rough Sq. Ft. Cost
2×6 Pine 1/4 Log
Limited time only!
Sale on now! 20% off $2.23 / sq.ft
2×8 Pine 1/4 Log
Limited time only!
Sale on now! 20% off $2.22 / sq.ft
3×6 Pine Pine 1/2 Log
Limited time only!
Sale on now! 25% off $3.47 / sq.ft
3×8 & 3×10 Pine Pine 1/2 Log
Limited time only!
Sale on now! 20% off $3.68-$4.35 / sq.ft
1×4 Cedar Paneling Super Hot!!! 30% off $1.50 / sq.ft
1×4 WPP White Pine Paneling Super Hot!!!
(While supplies last!)
36% off $1.02 / sq.ft
1×4 Knotty Pine Paneling Super Hot!!! 30% off $1.02 / sq.ft
1×5 Knotty Pine Paneling Hot!!! 15% off $1.03 / sq.ft
1×8 Barnwood Paneling Hot!!! 10% off
1×4 KPP Prefinished Paneling 29,922 LF
(8,602 sq.ft.)
25% off
$1.77 / sq.ft.
1×5 KPP Prefinished Paneling 28,882 LF
(10,722 sq.ft.)
10% off $1.81 / sq.ft.
1×6,1×8″ KPP Prefinished Paneling Unlimited 10% off $1.89 – $2.11 / sq.ft.
(NO Freight Discounts Apply)



Sale Price

Sq. Ft. Cost
1×6 KPP Value-Line Paneling
What is value-line paneling?
32,414 LF
(14,019 sq.ft.)
$.50 LF/35% off $1.15 / sq.ft.
1×6 KPP Value-Line Paneling
8,480 LF
(3,667 sq. ft.)
$.76 LF/25% off $1.76 / sq.ft.
1×4 Blue Paneling
Prefinished Blue 1×5,1×6,1×8
Seasonal Product
(While quantities last)
30% off $1.01 sq.ft un-finish
$1.64,$1.80,$1.94 sq.ft. prefinish
2×6 Pine 1/4 Log
Blue Siding
23,200 LF
(10,034 sq.ft.)
25% off $2.08 / sq.ft.
2×8 Pine 1/4 Log
Blue Siding
856 LF
(492 sq.ft.)
25% off $2.08 / sq.ft.
3×8 Pine Half Log
Blue Siding
11,272 LF
(6,481 sq.ft.)
25% off $3.47 / sq.ft.

Value Line Grade & Blue Paneling Photos Below

Value Line Grade Paneling = here is a great value. This paneling is the same or better quality as our regular paneling but some pieces will be shorter in length. We guarantee 100% usable product when you buy our Value Line grade paneling…. You Win, We Win! (click here for more info) This product is only available in limited supplies and not a standard “in-stock” product.

Prefinish = 2 coats of clear factory applied finish
KPP = Knotty Pine Paneling (tongue & groove with end-match)
WPP = White Pine Paneling
T&G = Tongue and Groove
EM = End-Matched (tongue-n-groove on the ends of the boards)
KP = Knotty Pine (medium sized knots, consistent grain and knot pattern, naturally prettier than other pines, usually young plantation pine)
WP = White Pine (large sized knots, naturally softer, usually old growth)
Blue = (BlueWood, Blue Paneling, Blue Stain) The natural drying process that causes slight discoloration of bluish-gray streaks in the wood and does not effect the quality or life of the wood. This is a seasonal and very unique product and once it’s sold out, it can usually not be expected to be in supply until mid-summer. (photo’s see below)
Clear = Contains no knots
Clearance Items = Items sold with limited quantities available (freight discounts cannot be offered on these items)
Sales Items = Items in our standard production that have a promotional sale price and (are eligible for freight discounts)
S4S = Surfaced (flat) four sides
LF = Linear Foot (running length of the wood no matter what width or thickness)
SQ = Square Foot (wall coverage of length x height)
Hewn = A process that replicates a hand-peeled rustic look.
N/A = Not Available (currently sold out)

Note: All sidings are available in a hand-hewn surface: 6″ sidings – $0.20 LF more;
8″ sidings – $0.27 LF more; 10″ siding offered in hand-hewn only.
6″ and 8″ Value Line Grade
(click on photos to enlarge)
Rustic Look in our….
“Blue Paneling” with clear finish applied

(click on photos to enlarge)

Below are examples of the “Blue Paneling” when stain is applied:
“Blue Paneling” with Puritan Pine Min-wax Stain Applied
(click on photos to enlarge)
“Blue Paneling” ceiling with Whitewash/Pickled Stain Applied


Two Examples above of Blue Siding with Sikkens Stain applied
Great savings for a rustic look!

(click on photo to enlarge)

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