wood siding and exterior trim.They say it takes a lot of work to make a house into a home, but we believe, firmly, that it only takes a bit of log siding, both interior and exterior. What makes log siding so special exactly? Why should you favor it over any other siding options? First of all, you’re going to discover that log siding actually gives your home the rustic look that you’ve been desiring. How often have you wanted to have your very own log cabin? It’s probably a dream that each and every one of us has had at some point, but obtaining one? That’s  an entirely different matter. What we can do for you, is bring you the aesthetic of a log cabin without forcing you to actually stack logs and figuring out the logistics of working around a homeowner’s association. The best part? Your friends and neighbors will barely be able to tell the difference between your log siding, and a log cabin. Of course it’s all going to start with wood siding and exterior trim.

Rustic Look Wood Trim Ideas  – Start with Electrical Boxes

On the subject of exterior house trim options, there are many things in your home that you can change to accommodate for your new log siding, but there are certain items that will remain where they are. One such item includes electrical outlets, and if they are not properly disguised, they do a great job of breaking the entire aesthetic. Standard outlet boxes probably aren’t going to meet your needs, which is why we offer a complete selection of wooden electrical boxes that are not only durable, but will help to perfectly blend your outlets with the rest of the interior siding.

Custom Archways for your Home

A huge oversight on the part of many siding companies is believing that everyone has a similar house format. As it turns out, arches are becoming more and more popular, and for this reason, one of our exterior house trim options includes multiple arch sizes. The rustic look wood trim come in several different forms for both indoor and outdoor use. The most important thing however, is making sure that you get the right size for the right window. Perfectly fitted, these are ready to not only make your renovation a success, but the best one you’ve ever seen, guaranteed.

Trimming it Up

The Wood Workers ShoppeFinishing up your rustic look wood trim job can definitely be a matter of difficulty if you have to guess, but we tend to take the guesswork out of it. We carry a multitude of different trim types, from the standard corner trim, to the decorative crown molding, and even quarter round. All of these are designed to finish off your renovation and take away the rough edges that might otherwise mar a perfect image of a log cabin.

All of our trims not only look great, but are cut to size so as to ensure that you get the perfect solution for your home. Additionally, the wood siding and exterior trim will be delivered right to your home. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Log siding will, without a doubt, serve to make your home a bit warmer, and a bit more welcoming for anyone who visits. Let’s face it, you live in your home, so why shouldn’t you go so far as to make sure that it is comfortable, and that it has the aesthetic you want? Take a look at our selection today and treat yourself to that beautiful rustic look that only log siding can truly offer.