You probably already know the benefits of having a guest room in your home, but have you ever considered taking it up a notch and building a guest house with our high-quality prefinished paneling instead? It’s a great solution to a serious problem: space. Sure, having guests in your home is a great thing, but you’re going to find that it gets a bit inconvenient as you have extra people wandering around the house, using your amenities, and changing your entire schedule.

Having a guest house makes both them and you a bit more comfortable, and that can be a beautiful thing! So you have your heart set on building that guest house and you’re not entirely sure how you want to go about it. Do you want it to look like your current home? Do you want to take it in an entirely different direction? We have a suggestion: prefinished pine paneling.

Use Prefinished Pine Paneling to Craft the Perfect Guest House

You know you need to get your guests out of the house, even though your plan it to spend time with them, and even if you have your guest house plans prepared, there’s one thing missing: the interior. Sure, you have your bathroom, bedrooms, maybe even a small kitchen, but what about the walls? What about the ceiling? What about the exterior? These all make up the theme, and can honestly make or break the guest experience, so you want a great interior that is going to make an impact on your overnight residents. This is where our prefinished paneling comes into play.

All About the Interior

Prefinished Pine PanelingSo why should you go with our prefinished paneling for your interior? We can come up with a great reasons to use interior pine paneling:

  • Cost – Yes, it’s cheaper to use prefinished paneling than any other type of interior siding. In fact there are quite a few contractors that would much rather use this in their repairs than standard drywall simply because it’s less of a burden on the wallet. Could you think of a better reason? We can.
  • Looks – If you’re looking for a reason to switch to a totally different type of interior then why not consider the aesthetics? Wood paneling looks amazing! It’s rustic, it’s beautiful, it gives you a feeling of warmth that drywall simply cannot exude.
  • Ease of Installation – If you’re looking for something easy to install then seriously, look no further. Interlocking joints and properly measured pieces make the installation of our prefinished paneling a breeze; before you know it your guest house will look absolutely amazing and you might even want to live in it yourself. Don’t worry, pine paneling isn’t restricted to guest houses; with our affordable prices, you can redo the interior of your house with our prefinished paneling if you want!

All About the Exterior

Getting the interior ready is a great idea, but what about the exterior? If you have a beautiful wooden interior, do you really want to stick with the typical exterior? The answer is probably going to be absolutely not, and with that being the case we would strongly recommend that you go with cedar log cabin siding to finish off the look. You want your guest house to look amazing, there is very little doubt about that, and if you’re going to accomplish that, then you’re going to need the best materials.

The Best Materials and the Quickest Installation

The Wood Workers ShoppeChoosing the right materials for your installation is critical and we’re going to be honest, The Wood Workers Shoppe really does have everything you could possibly need. Our high quality materials are easy to install, and we’ve made it so that you can have the wooden log cabin experience without actually building a log cabin. It’s a great façade and it is one that your guests are going to remember for many years to come.

Take a Look at The Wood Workers Shoppe

You need your guest house to look great and The Wood Workers Shoppe is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality materials. Now would be a great time to take a look at what we have, whether you’re looking for interior paneling, exterior log siding, or even a wide range of accessories that can serve to make your interior look a little bit better. If you want it, we’ve got it, and we’re ready to bring your guest house to the top.