When you’re planning out a storage room, there are lots of things to consider. You want your storage space to be a safe place for all of your stored items, without worry of insects, mildew, or water damage. You also want it to be a neutral space that is free of distractions for when you are reorganizing or accessing your storage items. On the other hand, you know that the walls of your storage room are going to take lots of bumps, and having to repair drywall and repaint, repair a scratched floor, or replace a torn carpet is not a task anyone wants to create for themselves.Unfortunately, many of the typical, more traditional wall and floor surfaces can present any of these challenges in a storage room. Luckily, there is a material that is just perfect for all of these needs— Reclaimed Barn Wood Paneling.

A Durable Option

Reclaimed barn wood paneling that has a chic, yet rustic and distressed look. Although you obviously don’t need your storage room to be stylish, the pre-distressed appearance of barn board paneling means that if you nick or scratch any walls or floors while organizing, reorganizing, loading, or unloading your storage room, it will either be unnoticeable or blend right into the façade.

Furthermore, barn wood panels are great for your home’s storage room because it is clean, as well as easy to install. It also has no musty smell, which is great for your stored items—particularly if some of it is clothing. With no holes or smell, it will not have any risk of allowing insects to find their way into your storage room to eat holes into your inventory. It’ll also last much longer than other types of wood or other wall or floor treatments, and doesn’t encourage mildew, mold, or bug infestations.

Good for the Environment

One wonderful thing about reclaimed barn wood paneling that makes it very attractive is the fact that it’s very environmentally friendly. Because barn board paneling is typically recycled and reused wood, there is no worry that your paneled room will impact any forests, which of course are becoming smaller and smaller as trees are used for lumber, paper, and other wood-based products. Also, our reclaimed barn wood paneling is biodegradable as it is naturally sourced.

The Woodworkers Shoppe Has the Best Reclaimed Barnwood Paneling Selection

Barnwood PanelingAt The Woodworkers Shoppe, we pride ourselves on acquiring only the highest quality wood that can be found for personal use. We are proud to have the best lumber available for any and all of your needs. Our stock is consistently full, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we are always listening for your requests. We are happy to stain your wood to your own specifications, or you can always order your wood raw so that you can stain it on your own.

Our stock is specialized for paneling, trim, log stairs, and railing. Our experts are fantastic at crafting breathtaking wood pieces that will meet your needs as well as your wants. We know how to negotiate so that we can keep our prices fair and affordable, and guarantee professional and efficient customer service to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Easy to Install

Our reclaimed barn wood paneling is not only made of high-quality lumber but also features tongue and groove sides for the easiest installation. Simply slide a tongue into a groove, and two pieces interlock to make installation a breeze. We also sell our boards in varying 8-foot striations. These simple measurements and interlocking edges make installation a series of continual placements, and saves up to 20% in material waste, making our Barnwood even more eco-friendly. If you’re doing your own installation, you’ll want to map out your plan beforehand.

You can interlock different panels and see what works the best: horizontal or vertical, and the planks can be easily separated if you make a mistake. As you try out different placements, you can mark what works on the wall, or mark where you need to cut boards. Once everything is arranged and cut, you can begin the real installation.

At The Woodworkers Shoppe, we do whatever we can to make sure that you have the results you want.