The Woodworkers Shoppe is an industry leader in barn wood panels. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to beautify any home or business establishment. In fact, our authentic barn board paneling truly gives you the look of old barn wood siding. This decorative look of reclaimed lumber – for interiors – is the cost-effective alternative to real barn wood or grains. In fact, you will never have any moldy smell, or insects coming out of the woodwork coming out of the woodwork. With reclaimed barn wood, you can secure the look and feel of real wood without the hassle of splinters; nail pulling, sorting and cutting. Our reclaimed wood paneling is also clean, neat and ready to install at your convenience.

These reclaimed barn wood panels just need to be placed and nailed in. You never have to worry about cutting and ripping to get usable pieces. In fact, installing these user-friendly panels is fun, easy, and perfect for all woodworking enthusiasts and beginners!

Interior Pine Paneling or Barn Wood Panels for Your Projects?

Our barn wood panels will truly make any room feel warm and cozy. In fact, our Weathered-Gray wood panel comes in both 6” and 8” and always ready to go. We also feature our awesome reclaimed wood paneling look in multiple colors for your convenience. This is a great way to enhance your remodeling and renovation projects, while effectively matching any modern or traditional themes and décor. You can also panel all the walls in any room, including the ceilings, doors, windows, and even floors in some areas. Here are some of the rooms in your homes that can truly be enhanced with stylish and decorative barn wood paneling:

  • barn wood panelsBedrooms
  • Basements
  • Bars
  • Attics – Basements
  • Dens
  • Game Rooms – Mancaves
  • Media Rooms – Theater Rooms
  • Garages – Crawlspaces
  • And even actual barns!

Barn Wood Panel Features

Our barn wood panels are great for homes and/or businesses. In fact, these eco-friendly products have a water based low VOC finish that is completely safe for you and your home. The smoky dark stains – with hazy silver and white undertones – secure true authenticity with dazzling finishes. In fact, the tones enhance the deep grains of the wood for the perfect rustic paneling and old barn wood look.

We also feature barn-wood in raw form for you to stain and cut as desired. This is great for those of you that do not like the old weathered reclaimed lumber look. Our custom finish shop can also apply the stain color of your choice on any raw barn wood pieces, planks, or paneling you need.

Barn wood paneling is made from 6” and 8” pine that is sawn and kiln dried at our mill. We then have the wood go through special processing, which gives the new pieces an old and vintage look. This is done with precise and concise texturing, which helps it emulate the look of actual and raw barn wood. It also is tongue and grooved on the sides and ends for optimal convenience. This helps save you money, labor, and true savings on all materials.

The Best Paneling at the Best Prices

The Wood Worker’s ShoppeAt The Woodworker’s Shoppe, we truly feature the best barn and pine paneling – at the best prices. We are proud to feature actual and reclaimed wood grains for your convenience. We can also help you choose the best paneling for your home or business today. When it comes to vintage rustic paneling and barn wood panels, we are committed to excellence in all products and services. This is why we continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews across the Web.

Whether for home/business remodeling, renovations, or simply to add some new styles and designs – you can find everything you need at our convenient online store. Simply contact us or visit our site for more information on interior pine paneling, barn wood panels, accents and more for all your properties.