Traditional log cabins have pine, cedar paneling or log walls. The latest trend that is really catching on is Barn Wood knotty pine walls. Reclaimed barn wood has reached its hay day because it is becoming scarcer. There’s a lot of work that goes into using old recycled wood, and that’s why it costs so much.

One of today’s modern marvels is mill created knotty pine barn wood or from cedar. It looks like the real thing without all of the recycled wood’s issues and cost. Here’s why our faux barn wood paneling is popular:

  • Reclaimed wood may contain toxins, while new barn wood does not have them.
  • Old wood may be bowed, cupped, or otherwise out of shape. New wood is flawless.
  • New faux barn wood is tongue and groove and milled with end-matching while old wood does not have these features. The wood stays flat because it locks together.
  • Modern barn wood is available in smooth and textured surfaces as illustrated above. You never quite know what you will get with used lumber.
  • Knotty Pine paneling does not have potential insects and odors, whereas old wood may.
  • New barn wood takes stains and finishes evenly and consistently and looks great.
  • Old lumber must be sorted, ripped, and cut to length. Much of it needs planing to get a flat surface. New panels are hand inspected for quality and defects.
  • Tongue and groove with end-matching barn wood lock together anywhere between studs. Old barn wood must be cut to butt together on studs. Newly milled wood saves a lot of time (up to 20%), and there is very little waste if any.

These are all excellent reasons to go with faux barn wood paneling made with knotty pine. In addition, homeowners with some basic carpentry skills and tools can install it. Now that is what you call saving time and money. If you have not made final plans for wall boards, consider knotty pine barn wood.

Quality Barn Wood is Amazingly Beautiful and Realistic Looking

Barn Wood Knotty Pine Walls Are Trending Now

Quality Barn Wood has some features you won’t find in home improvement stores. The best milled wood is eco-friendly because it has a water base low VOC finish that is safe for your family, pets, and home. Typically, the finish is a smoky dark stain with hazy silver and white undertones. This type of finish enhances the deep grain of the wood and provides a rustic patina that looks like old barn wood.

The WoodWorkers Shoppe creates the old barn wood look from knotty pine boards with a unique process. If you don’t care for the old weathered look of rustic barn siding, you can purchase panels in raw form. This option allows you to stain it to the color of your choice. If you don’t want to spend the time staining the wood, you can request the custom finish shop to apply the stain before your order is shipped. It will be applied evenly and thoroughly to look fantastic!

Faux barn wood paneling from the WWS is made from knotty pine in 6” and 8” widths and convenient lengths. It is correctly kiln dried to precise schedules at our mill in Michigan. The Rustic BarnWood comes out of the processing with a lot of texture and character. Our tongue and groove barn siding with our end-matching system makes it fast and easy to apply.

Don’t Forget the Trim and Molding

Your faux Barn Wood paneling needs match trims and molding. Use 1”x4” and 1”x5” square edge trim around doors, windows, baseboards, and for chair rails. If you prefer round edge trim, use round-over casing and baseboard in the same sizes. Also look for:

  • Inside corner molding
  • Outside corner molding
  • All trims have the same barnwood finish
  • All of these trims are easy to work with and need minimal experience to apply.

If you plan to build a covered porch or patio, you can use faux barn wood paneling on the outside of your cabin or home. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged because it will be out of the sun and rain. Use the same type of trim and molding to set it off, and you have a winner.     

One Last Thought: Save Money by Installing Knotty Pine Barn Wood Yourself

One Last Thought: Save Money by Installing Knotty Pine Barn Wood YourselfIt’s always a good idea to order a sample kit of assorted wood, trims, and installation video before you place a full order of our faux barn wood paneling. After watching the video, many homeowners find out they can do the work themselves. All it takes is some basic woodworking knowledge, skills, and tools. You will also find out if you would rather hire a carpenter to do the work.

Our Leading company will supply either unfinished raw Barnwood paneling or pre-finished paneling to meet your needs. The pre-finished will save even more time because you will not need to finish the boards and clean up any mess. Hope all of this helps and happy paneling.