We’ve come a long way with interior design, but even with all of the new developments in material choices, sometimes the classics make for the perfect fit. If you’re thinking about remodeling your retail store for furniture or home goods, then our indoor log siding is a great way to go. Using our indoor log siding on your interiors will add a three-dimensional depth to your walls, and you can complete the look with interior knotty pine trim, or any of the rustic trim ideas from the Woodworker’s Shoppe.

Why Our Indoor Log Siding is Perfect for Retail Interiors

Log SidingIn a retail store for furniture, you want your showroom to reflect what consumers would love to see in their homes. You could have all of the best interior pieces, but if you don’t have the overall look and feel, then your customers will never see the full potential of your products.

Our indoor log siding creates a high-end look that blends bygone styles with contemporary sensibilities, and when you choose the best wood products, you’ll get an upmarket feel that could help to improve your sales and the overall appeal of your shop.

Most people consider siding as an exterior finishing material, but it actually works just as well, if not better, when used indoors. Some wall cladding materials are flat and could even be described as boring. When you use siding, you introduce texture and depth, without detracting from the items that you are displaying on your showroom floor. Your customers will be able to see exactly how your furniture pieces can look with high-end interiors, and that can give them a better idea of how they can use the furniture in their own homes. In fact, your choice of interior knotty pine trim and siding could even create curiosity which then opens up conversations about overall interior design, boosting your rapport and giving you a better chance of converting your walk-in visitors into loyal customers.

When You Choose Indoor Log Siding, You’ll Be able to Get Rustic Molding and Trim to Match

How boring would it be if your store was simply finished with painted walls and aluminum window settings? While this might be functional on a basic level, it doesn’t introduce the ‘wow’ factor that you can get with wood siding.

If you want to tie everything together with a professional finish that looks as good as classic handcrafted architecture, then you’ll definitely want to complete your siding with rustic molding and trim. You’ll find everything that you need at The Woodworker’s Shoppe, including door and window trim, log siding corner trim, floor/roof molding, and you can even use rustic trim ideas outside.

In fact, if you’re using our indoor log siding on your interior, why not upgrade your exterior storefront with timber siding? Using siding on exteriors and interiors will tie the whole classic look together, and will be especially effective if you deal in antique furniture or handcrafted furnitures like Amish furniture or similar styles.

Easy Installation with Siding or Panels

If you’re worried about using siding due to the cost and difficulty of installation, then you’ll be happy to know that our products use a special tongue and groove mounting system that makes it much easier to install them, with fewer installation materials and less waste from having to make irregular cuts to meet specific mounting points. Even using this unique system, you’ll have perfect seals between each piece of siding, making for weatherproof installations that will last just as long (if not longer) than composites or metal siding materials. We’ll even pre-stain interior and exterior siding, and your interiors can be coated with polyurethane to make them resistant to dents, scuffing, and scratches. This is especially important in a furniture shop where you can expect that stock would be regularly moved around.

Knowing that your walls will look just as good in ten years should make log siding and rustic molding and trim an easy decision.

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