Weathered paneling is a great way to add a rustic look to your home or commercial location. Evoking a period of time where buildings were more natural and handcrafted, with Barn Board Paneling you now have the opportunity to get all of the aesthetic benefits of reclaimed barn wood, without having to worry about deterioration, rot, or irregular sized offcut pieces.

At The Woodworkers Shoppe, you can purchase rustic paneling that is produced using new timber that comes with none of the traditional drawbacks.

Why Our Barn Board Paneling is Different

Barn Board PanelingReclaimed barn boards can be difficult to find, especially when you want uniform pieces that will look good in a contemporary setting.  When you choose to purchase from us, you’ll get brand new, milled materials, that are treated and finished to look exactly like traditional barn boards.

Unlike irregular reclaimed pieces, our rustic paneling is produced for quality and consistency. This means that no matter how much you need, you’ll always be able to order stock of the best quality pieces, allowing for a finish that will bring out the best in any home or business. We offer various sizes of barn board paneling to meet your needs, whether you want to complete a feature wall or finish an entire home.

Another way we differentiate our products, is in how they are produced and finished. Raw materials come from ethical and sustainable forest resources, and we use the best low VOC finishing materials to ensure that there are no residual fumes or other dangerous compounds. Because the pieces are pre-finished, you can simply install them, and then be ready to use your interior spaces, with no downtime for ventilating the area.

Installation is simple with our industry leading tongue and groove design. Each panel is designed to easily slot into the next, eliminating the need for stud matching, and reducing your total installation time. Home and business owners love our barn board paneling products for DIY projects, but even if you want to hire a professional, you’ll be able to cut down on costs because the time to complete the work will be greatly reduced. Further adding to the environmental friendliness of our products, you’ll have fewer offcuts required to meet your size requirements.

If you have been looking for a wood product that looks great and is easy to work with, then you’re going to love our reclaimed barn wood.

Where You Can Use It

Weathered red barn woodThere’s really no wrong place to use our rustic paneling. Many of our satisfied customers have used our panels to finish bedrooms, great rooms, dens, man caves, and living rooms. In the home, you could use these in virtually any room of the house, whether you’re looking to fully cover your walls, or simply create a gorgeous and classy looking wainscot around the lower portion of your walls. Combined with wallpaper or painted drywall, these can turn your home into a true statement of elegance that you will love living in, and you’ll be proud to show your new interiors to family and friends.

Our barn board paneling is also great for commercial properties and will work particularly well in areas where you want to create a classic atmosphere that goes back to earlier days. Bars, English style pubs, restaurants, and even organic food stores are all ideal places where barn board paneling will work great. You’ll appreciate the clean look that rustic boards provide, and they’re easy to clean and keep free of dust. Having the opportunity to create feature paneled walls for a reasonable price is a benefit that virtually any business owner can easily appreciate.

Choose Your Stain to Create a Unique Interior Mood

The Woodworkers ShoppeThe classic silver/gray/white finish on our barn board paneling is hugely popular, but it’s not your only option. You can choose unfinished boards to apply your own stain, or you can even have our custom shop to stain in the color of your choice. All of our custom boards use the same water based low VOC materials for your safety, and you can create standout looks by choosing a unique stain that matches your business or the rest of the décor in your home. Weathered red barn wood is one popular option, or you can go for a darker stain for office, home theaters, and media rooms.

Browse our online store for barn board paneling, or take a look at some of our other paneling and siding products. You can get the classic elegance of timber in your home or business, with the benefits of modern installation methods, and high end finishing/staining that will last for decades in your home or business.